See If Your Team Is Interested in a Company With the Collection Panel

 8 March 2022

With our latest feature addition, we’ve made it easier for you to see if your colleagues are interested in a company 🔮. Your collections and those shared by your colleagues are now visible in a company summary. You can use this panel to understand how your team views a company via their tags 🏷, as well as adding, removing or changing your own tags right from the company page.

Now that you can see if a company is in a shared collection and adjust your tags from the company page. Why not

  • Tag a company as interesting or contacted, so your colleagues can avoid repeating your work
  • Share a collection of key prospects, so your team know which companies to focus on
  • Add a “seen” tag on the company page so you know which collection items you’ve reviewed

From here you can view your colleagues’ tags, or add/adjust your own tags for that company.

If your team have included a company in a variety of shared collections, you can expand the view to see them all.

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