Enhanced Quick Search with Fuzzy Matching

 28 March 2022

We’ve made the Beauhurst Quick Search bar at the top of every page more powerful to help you find what you need.

‘Fuzzy search’ will return results for text that match a term closely instead of exactly. Fuzzy searches help you find relevant results even when the search terms are missing the right characters. For example, if you misspelled ‘Beauhurst ‘as ‘Both hurst’ your results will be:

This means if you only loosely know the name of the company, fund, or person, we can do a better job at returning what you’re looking for.

In addition, if you miss or add Limited, LTD, PLC, hyphens or spaces to your search, we’ll still have a good idea of what you’re searching for based on the other characters in the search.

Happy searching! 🔍

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