How Bailey Fisher Uses Beauhurst to Make Data-Driven Recruitment Decisions


Beauhurst is the leading platform in the UK—it's been a very easy tool to use and a great asset to our business.

Bailey Fisher Executive Search is an executive search firm supporting fast-growth technology and life sciences businesses as they hire talent to develop and commercialise game-changing technologies.

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The Challenge

Staying up to date with the industry is crucial to Bailey Fisher’s success—they require up-to-date data to assist their clients as they progress through growth stages, advise them on the right hires to make and as they build out teams for leading businesses. Other key aspects of their business, pitch preparation and outreach to potential clients also require quality data. We spoke to Toby Young, Bailey Fisher’s Managing Partner, about how the company uses Beauhurst data to drive their business.

The Solution

Staying up to date

Toby and his team use the BeauhurstSales platform to keep tabs on interesting companies, clients and prospective clients. With the full private market coverage that Beauhurst provides, the team at Bailey Fisher are equipped with the latest news and market intelligence to tailor their approaches, inform conversation in client meetings and inform their searches. Toby explained to us that:

“The data that is provided on a daily basis that keeps us updated with news and information on particular companies is really valuable”. 

Industry-specific searches

Bailey Fisher works specifically within the life sciences and technology industries, meaning that they need to be able to seek out businesses that work within highly-specialised and niche fields. Through Beauhurst search tools, the team filters down vast UK-wide company searches to reveal only the most relevant businesses. For Toby: “Beauhurst gives us extra information that we wouldn’t have if we didn’t have the tool and allows us to make sure that we’re covering the whole market.”

For the recruitment firm, a key benefit of the Beauhurst platform lies in its ability to show all the information in one place. As Toby said, 

“It’s all on one central platform. You don’t have to go to Companies House and other sites for the data. It’s all there, and it allows you to track things in a really kind of simplistic way.” 

And its uses don’t end there. Toby went on to explain: “We can organise companies within a particular search [that then] updates us when something changes, whether that be investors or employees, or a particular milestone—all of that’s really valuable.” Toby and the team then utilise this information to stay in-the-know about their clients or companies that they have their eye on. “It’s really useful in terms of how we track and manage the market and our customer base—opening Beauhurst has become the first thing I do when I log on,” he explained.

Preparing for pitches and winning business

When preparing for pitches, Toby and his team at the research-driven search firm need to really understand a business. Beauhurst equips the team with the relevant information to demonstrate their know-how, even at the beginning of a relationship. Toby outlined:

“We have to understand the key investors—that’s everything from angel investors to the shareholding split. This information allows us to understand the influential parties with any particular business, and make sure that we are engaged with the right individuals within that organisation.”

Through the ‘Similar Companies’ functionality, Bailey Fisher have gone on to win new clients within their field of expertise. Toby explained: “Once we’ve worked with a company, we go back to their page on Beauhurst and, depending on how niche the company is, we can get a list of roughly 20 similar companies to reach out to.” It’s this kind of data-driven decision-making that helps Bailey Fisher stay on top. 

The similar companies tab also allows Toby and his team to find the top candidates for a specific position. By looking at companies similar to their client, and using our key people data, Bailey Fisher is able to find the perfect candidates with the right experience, titles and industry knowledge. They can layer this with our sector searches to find all the candidates in a specific industry with the right background. 

For the firm, the benefits of being able to explain to a client that they’ve searched the whole market are huge. As Toby outlined: “When we’re talking with clients, we can say that we’ve been through the entirety of a particular sector and these are the top 6/7 candidates that we think are applicable to this particular search.” This accurate data allows them to act with confidence in the market.

The Results

Through Beauhurst, Bailey Fisher is able to use one central platform for multiple functionality saving time and money. Our regular email alerts have kept Toby and his team up to date on the latest news on both specific industries and companies. Our comprehensive data has meant Bailey Fisher can quickly and effectively find the right candidates with the perfect background, reducing their time spent sourcing. Using our machine learning-driven similar companies feature, the team are also able to find their next business opportunity right here on the Beauhurst platform.

How does Beauhurst compare to other tools?

For Toby and the team at Bailey Fisher, Beauhurst stands apart.

“Beauhurst is the leading platform in the UK […] It’s just been a very easy tool to use and a great asset to our business. Beauhurst is just much quicker, more accurate and intuitive than other tools we’ve tried.” 

As a long-time Beauhurst user, Bailey Fisher tried using an alternative platform in years gone by and found themselves returning: “We actually came back because the user experience is very straightforward. The team find it really easy to use […] it’s essentially collated, it’s all there, allows you to track things in a really kind of simplistic way.”

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