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Updates to Networks


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In the latest update to our Networks feature, our team of developers have made it possible to search over the people behind the UK’s fastest growing companies.

Subscribers with a Networks add-on can now search over hundreds of thousands of shareholders, directors and key people at Beauhurst tracked companies and funds. We’ve put together 4 quick searches using criteria available in the update.

Find founder owned businesses

Identify founders who are on the rise, and may be preparing for an exit – this is particularly useful for late stage investors and wealth managers. 

Identify CEOs who have successfully led their company through an exit

Whether you’re looking to identify HNWIs, or executives who have experience in bringing a company to market, searching over networks allows you to find the top talent in the industry.

Discover serial investors in specific sectors

Identify angel investors who might be interested in your project, or map out the market leaders and see which companies they’re putting their faith in.  

Analyse the market and create thought leadership

Understand the market landscape and the people behind the most successful businesses.

Discover the UK's most innovative companies.

Get access to unrivalled data on all the businesses you need to know about, so you can approach the right leads, at the right time.

Book a 40 minute demo to see all the key features of the Beauhurst platform, plus the depth and breadth of data available.

An associate will work with you to build a sophisticated search, returning a dynamic list of organisations matching your ideal client.