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Tracking and analysing the impact of COVID-19

| Hannah Skingle

Category: Other

The COVID-19 pandemic has sent shockwaves through the economy, with the 28,499 ambitious companies we track – and the UK’s 3.8m SMEs in general – being particularly badly affected. But there’s been a lack of clarity over the extent of the impact. So, over the past few weeks, our incredible Data team has been hard at work determining the precise effects of COVID-19 on the UK’s high-growth businesses. 

This unique dataset allows us to measure and map the broad impact of the pandemic on the UK’s high-growth economy, as well as the individual measures that are being taken to limit the spread and consequences of coronavirus. In our preliminary report, we’ve highlighted particularly vulnerable areas as well as the very fortunate categories of companies that may perform well under these circumstances. 

Our findings are rather stark, with £18.9b of equity investment and £320b of turnover currently at risk. In terms of sector, it’s no surprise that those that rely on customer footfall are severely affected, but tech sectors have largely dodged a bullet, with VoIP, EdTech and eHealth performing particularly well.

Later this week, this dataset will become available for you to evaluate and search across on the Beauhurst platform. This will allow you to inform policy, determine your organisation’s strategy, and better understand risk and opportunity in your area of operation.

If you already have a subscription to the Beauhurst platform, then you can find out about access by speaking to your Account Manager.  If you’re not yet a subscriber to the Beauhurst platform and would like to discuss this dataset in further detail, then get in touch with us at or book a demo.

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