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We’re excited to announce a major change to how we help you discover, track and understand the UK’s most ambitious companies.

As well as tracking young companies that show the potential for growth, we’ve now begun to feature any private company that meets the OECD’s definition of a scaleup.

We’re only just getting started, but we’re already tracking over 2,000 of these hugely fast-growing companies.

We’ll be tracking every single one of them (about 5,000 by our estimates) by the end of the summer. Each one will have the same continuously updated profile that we provide for any of our other tracked companies.

Why do we track these companies?

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Our goal has always been to make it as easy as possible to understand the high-growth companies we track. As part of this you’ll now find badges on every company page highlighting why we’re tracking them. 

These give you more detail on which Beauhurst tracking triggers they’ve met: whether they’re a scaleup, accelerator participant, have undergone an MBO or secured an equity or venture debt fundraising (or all of these!)

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