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The 10 Best Ways to Keep up with Startup Trends in 2021

Hannah Skingle

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With more data, information, and anecdotes circulating than ever before—and more channels with which to consume them on—getting a manageable stream of news can be incredibly difficult. After starting off the year with an inbox spring clean, we’ve narrowed down the best newsletters, regular content creators, and podcasts that focus on entrepreneurship, startups, and the surrounding ecosystem.


Content type: Newsletter
3 times a week

Topics: European startups and funding
Our favourite aspects: Investigative, editorial, comprehensive

Backed by the FT, Sifted curates and reports on European startup news and stories. Reporting on the biggest deals in Europe as they happen, investigating areas of emerging technology and innovation, and ranking the top founders and investors across the continent, Sifted aims to be the voice of the European startup community. It highlights the importance of tech startups, and the value of ‘a differentiated European approach that charts a course between the techno-libertarianism of California and the digital authoritarianism of China’. 

The startup newsletter hits inboxes three times a week, and is full of juicy insights. We love how clean the layout is, with each of the main stories clearly categorised by sector or area of operation. The ‘News that Matters’ section is where you can find all of the most important updates from startups across Europe, whether that’s a new raise, product launch or international expansion. Check the ‘Sifted Suggests’ section for articles from alternative sources, from Forbes and Bloomberg, to Wired and Beauhurst. You can also access these two sections in the Sifted newsfeed.


Content type: Newsletter
Weekly on a Sunday

Topics: Female entrepreneurship, women in tech and venture capital
Our favourite aspects: A huge variety of resources for and by women in tech and entrepreneurship

Curated by Sarah Nӧckel, an investor at Northzone, Femstreet features content from female entrepreneurs, investors, and everyone in between. The weekly newsletter is delivered on Sunday—perfect reading with your morning coffee.  

Femstreet is chock-a-block with must-reads, covering a range of business topics from how to hire and fire, to raising finance, and marketing a new product. It also features interviews from across the ecosystem, and advertises job vacancies in the tech and VC space. 

The weekly digest is free, but Femstreet also offers a premium option for $100 a year. Subscribers can access a private community network, ‘ask me anything’ sessions with industry experts, an additional weekly member briefing, and exclusive offers on events and software. 

Femstreet is another really well-structured newsletter that is helpfully categorised by articles from startup founders, operators, and investors. It also has a People section, which notes any new hires or promotions at major VC firms and tech companies, and an events section with loads of great webinars and conferences.

First Round Review

Content type: Newsletter

Topics: Actionable advice from founders
Our favourite aspects: Straight from the source—valuable insights from people who have done it all before

First Round Capital is an early-stage, Silicon Valley VC firm. As an investor, the firm encourages portfolio companies to become active participants in the First Round community, and has built a range of tools, events, and services to facilitate the exchange of ideas between founders. 

The First Round Review combines and shares this knowledge in an online publication for tech entrepreneurs and startup enthusiasts, focusing on how startups are growing, rather than just what they are growing. It covers topics on how to develop an effective business strategy, how to be a world-class marketer, and how to get as many term sheets as possible.

Whatever your position, if you work for an early-stage company, or are looking to invest in them, then First Round Review is an invaluable resource with actionable insights and essential lessons. The newsletter tends to focus on one article each week, with a full introduction and summary of the lessons you’ll learn in the piece.

Andy Ayim on Minorities in Tech

Content type: Newsletter

Topics: Diversity in tech
Our favourite aspects: Clean, clear and easy to digest

Andy Ayim MBE is a pretty big name in the world of startups. He has a whole host of accolades, having co-founded Mixtape Madness, created the Angel Investing School, and managed Backstage Capital’s London accelerator programme. Andy is now a consultant and Member of the Board on a number of organisations, including UKBlackTech, YSYS, London Tech Week, and Translate Culture. 

Andy’s weekly newsletter focuses on minorities in tech, venture, and entrepreneurship in Europe and the US. Similarly to Femstreet, he categorises each edition under “from the startups” and “from the investors”, as well as promoting relevant events and job opportunities. The newsletter is incredibly simple, with a one-line description of each link, making it really easy to skim and pick out the pieces that interest you. Sign up and see all of Andy’s past issues here.

Benedict Evans

Content type: Newsletter

Topics: The most important news in global tech
Our favourite aspects: Carefully curated news and excellent commentary on developments in tech

Former partner at Andreessen Horowitz, and current partner at Mosaic Ventures and Entrepreneur First, Ben Evans knows an awful lot about the tech world. His weekly newsletter picks out the most important stories in big tech, and gives essential context and commentary to key changes and new ideas. The newsletter is split into five categories: Ben’s own work, tech startups news, ideas, outside interests, and market data. 

The premium edition ($10/month, $100/year) is pretty dense, with great insight on all the goings on in the tech ecosystem. This edition is sent out weekly on a Sunday, with an exclusive column and in-depth analysis. Two days later, a lighter (but still pretty meaty), free version goes out.


Content type: Newsletter
Daily or Weekly

Topics: Global news stories in emerging and big tech
Our favourite aspects: Ability to choose from daily and weekly, and different tech focuses

Based in Silicon Valley, and reporting on the global tech industry, TechCrunch has a number of free newsletters of differing frequency and topics. If you often find your inbox swamped, then we recommend the weekly newsletter to get a well-rounded view of emerging tech. 

The weekly newsletter is more than just a list of all the latest stories: it’s friendly, focused, and skimmable. The week’s “Big Story” details and contextualises one of the key pieces of startup news, whether that be a monumental funding round, scandalous exit, or an exciting new product launch. The headline story is followed by a roundup of the latest trends and recent job openings from all across the ecosystem.

The Catalysts Podcast

Content type: Podcast

Topics: Corporate and startup partnerships
Our favourite aspects: Lessons from both sides of the table

The Catalysts Podcast focuses on the key benefits of corporates and startups working together, and how these partnerships can become a catalyst for change for the future. Each episode features a startup founder or senior corporate leader who has benefitted from such a partnership, and is willing to share their learnings and insights. 

Although this doesn’t strictly fall under the title of ‘news’, the relationship between corporates and startups is critical to the success of high-growth businesses, so it’s important to understand its evolving nature. Episodes last for around 30 minutes, so are easy to squeeze into a busy schedule.

Beyond The Hype: Artificial Intelligence

Content type: Podcast

Topics:  Artificial Intelligence
Our favourite aspects: Fascinating deep dives with industry experts

MMC Ventures is one of the UK’s leading early-stage tech funds, with over $500m under management. It’s safe to say they know a thing or two about emerging tech and the direction it’s heading in. Produced in partnership with Barclays, this podcast is all about Artificial Intelligence, featuring industry leaders to demystify the reality of AI, what is to come, and why it matters.

Artificial Intelligence may well be a tech niche, but it’s a pretty big one, with the capacity to transform almost every sector, so whether you’re an AI nerd or just curious about the future of tech—this ones for you. Episodes tend to run for around 50 minutes.

Startup Microdose

Content type: Podcast

Topics: Startup stories, as told by founders
Our favourite aspects: Easy listening with great guests

From billion-dollar lawsuits to states of flow, Startup Microdose digs into the detail of the people and companies changing the social and technological landscape. Hosts Ed Stephens and Oliver Jones met at the Angel Investment Network, where Ed still works as Global Head of Brokerage and Partnerships, and wanted to allow the public to join them in conversations with successful entrepreneurs. 

Each episode features a leading startup founder or industry heavyweight, and unpacks their stories, opinions, quirks, and wisdom. Previous guests include CEO of BGF Stephen Welton, Founder of SpareRoom Rupert Hunt, and Founder of Blooming Founders Lu Li. Most episodes last for around an hour, but some last for up to two. 

The Beauhurst Dashboard

Content type: Newsfeed
Up to the minute

Topics:  High-growth company activity

If you’re a Beauhurst subscriber, then you can periodically check in on all the latest UK startup news on your dashboard. Many of our clients start their days off with a quick scroll through these stories to see fundraisings, exits, and key personnel changes as the news drops. 

Want to look at a specific sector or location? Set up custom alerts to get the most relevant news stories sent to your inbox (you can even choose which day of the week you receive them). Your account manager can help set these up for you. 

If you’re not already a subscriber, then find out more and book a demo here. Or if you’d rather receive our newsletter, which delivers weekly content using our unique data, then sign up here for free (or fill in the form below). 

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