How Do Research & Innovation Services Use Beauhurst?

Sarah Cheeseman, 07 September 2023

Due to the fast-paced and varied nature of the work that research and innovation services conduct, access to accurate, succinct and trustworthy data is paramount to success. If you work closely with organisations, institutions and support structures in developing and promoting research, you already know that you need reliable information at your fingertips.

While there’s plenty of data out there, it’s often scattered and difficult to work with. And that’s where BeauhurstImpact comes in.

What is BeauhurstImpact?

BeauhurstImpact is a subscription-based private company data platform. It’s trusted by thousands of professionals to help them search across companies, people, funds, patents and areas to help them make data-driven decisions. Using our unique combination of machine learning models, data extraction and 60+ data analysts, the information we provide is unrivalled in the UK market. Our platform has been designed to help research and innovation services save time and money, whilst also improving their performance and outcomes.

Why do research and innovation service teams use BeauhurstImpact?

Our customers utilise BeauhurstImpact for a host of reasons—from tailored searches to identifying opportunities. Here are just some of the ways in which teams working in research and innovation use BeauhurstImpact.

1. Discover opportunities

Searching across our data (on everything from funding to patents) is a simple way to find companies and universities to work with. Just refine your criteria, source opportunities you wouldn’t have previously found, and screen them to see if they’re right for you. Saving time, effort and any unfortunate missteps.

2. Build warm leads

Approaching the right company at the right time is the best way to get positive results. Our networks feature allows you to leverage your existing network and make warm introductions. The in-depth reporting possibilities also mean that you can measure the impact of the introductions that you’re making.

3. Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

Research and innovation services often use BeauhurstImpact to identify companies that are ideally placed to take part in a KTP. Our Search function allows you to take an in-depth look at the entire private UK market to source the companies that align with your specifications.

4. Track success

Track the success of partnerships that you’ve been involved with faster than ever before. Our platform allows you to quickly and easily track the progress of first-time founders, financing and spinout companies that you’ve been involved with. By tracking trends, stage of evolution and sector ranking, you’re able to keep an eye on events that could open up new opportunities.

5. Competitor monitoring

Using our ‘Similar Companies’ algorithm, you’re able to search for companies that fall into similar descriptors to those that you’ve been involved with. This is a quick and easy way to benchmark against others in the same sector and understand your position within the market.

6. Trend analysis and reporting

The comprehensive data that we provide gives you the ideal source of information for sectoral insights and trends. You can also use it to create reports, providing easy oversight for you and other teams within your organisation.

What can I use BeauhurstImpact data for?

We work closely with our users to understand their exact needs, giving them the tools they need to succeed. Here, We’ve taken a look at some of the most common use cases from research and innovation services to see how they benefit from using our platform.

Tailored searches

Create detailed Searches using highly-specific search criteria to find the right opportunities, at the right time. And gather the information you need to impress at that first meeting.

Simplified due diligence

You know better than anyone that screening is vital. Utilise BeauhustImpact’s detailed data to assess eligibility and track records in advance of reaching out, saving you from inopportune partnerships.

Time saving

Condense months’ worth of research and analysis into just one day with BeauhurstImpact. Create reports, analyse trends and take data off the platform for even more in-depth analysis.

Automated alerts

Get alerted when there are changes or events connected with companies within any of your Collections. So, you’ll never miss out on an opportunity or piece of game-changing intelligence.

Impact assessment

With BeauhurstAdvise, can you track your impact over time. By understanding the growth of the companies that you’ve worked with, you can prove the impact of your team and your work over time.

Market research and gap analysis

Utilise our data to research potential new sectors of interest, to understand the market and to identify gaps to be filled. Use BeauhurstImpact to gather information on companies that are already working in the area to get a full view of the ecosystem.

Working with Beauhurst

BeauhurstImpact is a unique data platform that has been built specifically to help you understand, measure and track different ecosystems. And it’s a constant work in progress. We are consistently developing new features, adding new data sets and developing new systems to make it more comprehensive and user-friendly.

Each BeauhurstImpact subscriber has a dedicated Account Manager and Client Experience Manager who offer advice, training and support in getting the most out of the platform. If you’d like to find out more about working with us, please get in touch today, or book a demo to find out more about how our platform works.

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