How Do Estate Agents Use Beauhurst?

How Do Estate Agents Use Beauhurst?

Sarah Cheeseman, 15 June 2023

The world of commercial real estate is an incredibly competitive one, with multiple agents often vying for the attention of a small pool of buyers and sellers. This means that agents and business development teams are having to be more and more clever with how they promote their services, and data is starting to play a much bigger role in their success.

Being the first in the know has for a long time been considered the sweet spot for estate agents and owners of office space, giving them the opportunity to put their hat in the ring early on and win custom. With such a saturated market, this is becoming more and more difficult, especially for agents who are new to the industry with smaller client lists. We developed the BeauhurstSales platform to answer this exact need.

So, what is BeauhurstSales? 

BeauhurstSales is a unique data platform that provides users with the most comprehensive UK company data in the world. It offers data on all UK-registered companies, accurate contact details for key decision-makers, powerful search tools, trend analysis, and network mapping. Agency business development teams can utilise intent signals, such as recent funding, news stories, and new hires, to prioritise their list and tailor their approach. Supported by over 60 in-house data experts to ensure up-to-date and accurate information, BeauhurstSales is a hugely beneficial tool for those in the property industry to find the right people to contact at the right time.

Why do estate agents use BeauhurstSales?

There are thousands of commercial estate agents and office space providers across the UK, all looking for the same thing: clients. Where traditional methods of finding these clients may work for some, many of our clients come to us looking for a new and innovative way to fulfil their business development needs. Some of the key reasons why our property clients come to us include.

Staying ahead of competitors

In such a busy and saturated environment, those in the property industry have to be clever when it comes to finding new clients. While many estate agents and office space providers are quite stuck in their ways, modern businesses are looking for ways to work smarter, not harder, and spend less time manually creating contact lists and targeting their audience. 

When clients come to us, they’re looking for ways to stand out from the crowd and get their foot in the door early, which is exactly what our data platform allows them to do. By setting up email alerts, you can stay on top of what’s going on in your industry—including equity finance deals and personnel changes—and jump on new opportunities as soon as they arise.

Be smart with information

While previously it may have made sense to advertise a property and wait for people to come to you, this can be a slow and ineffective process. With BeauhurstSales, you have the opportunity to get smarter with your data, targeting specific niches and making a name for yourself within the sector. For example, office space providers could choose to target businesses that are undergoing fundraising and may be looking for larger premises, before they are officially searching. When it comes time to pick up the phone, you’ll be able to home in on key decision-makers with verified contact details.

Improving your reputation

Reputation is everything in the property industry. If you’re putting out generalised, untargeted content, this is unlikely to convert your contacts and can completely switch them off to working with you. By making sure that the data you use is quality and up-to-date, you can produce real thought leadership and create more specific and targeted campaigns that are personalised to the receiver. If you’re the clear leader in your space, prospects will be more likely to pick up and phone and work with you.

Develop your niche

If you have a particular niche within the real estate industry, for example a particular location or type of commercial building such as lab space or cold storage, our data can help you find more clients within this niche and expand on your expertise.

What can I use BeauhurstSales data for?

The BeauhurstSales platform has been built to help people within the property and real estate sector to gain access to data that no one else in the market is using. With information derived from hundreds of different sources, we combine the power of machine learning with human review to provide our clients with an in-depth and comprehensive view of active private companies within the UK. Some of the key uses that we’ve seen from real estate clients include:

Location and postcode searches

If you’re working in a particular area of the UK, our location and postcode searches are vital to helping you find people and businesses that may be looking for new property to buy or office spaces to move into. For example, one of our clients in Milton Keynes recently conducted a search for high-growth businesses within a 10 mile radius of their new office space. They then targeted this list with a purpose-built campaign aimed at promoting their space and asking for recommendations of other businesses that may be interested. Focusing on high-growth companies helped ensure that businesses on the list would need more space in the near future.

Building partnerships

One of the most effective ways we’ve seen our clients use our data is by creating partnerships. By searching for venture capital firms and accelerator programmes that are operating in your area, you can target their portfolio companies or businesses enrolled in their programme, offering reductions on office space or other properties on your books. 

Likewise, if you see companies that are raising funds or are in a period of accelerated growth, you may choose to speak with them about their increased office space needs.

Finding companies similar to your existing client base

The BeauhurstSales platform uses machine learning and semantic search to analyse company descriptions within the database, matching up with similar companies even if they don’t include any of the same words. This means it’s quick and simple for you to find new companies that are similar to your existing client base to target for future promotions. Find out more about searching for similar companies with BeauhurstSales.

Working with Beauhurst

We built the BeauhurstSales platform because we know just how powerful good data can be for almost any business. But while having access to good information is great, without fully understanding how to use it, it can fall flat. This is why our Account Managers and Client Experience Managers are always on hand to offer insights and personalised support to help you get the most out of our software. To find out more about how we can work with you, book a demo or speak to a member of our team today.

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