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The Beauhurst Guide To Brixton | Food, Drink & Shopping


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Whether you’re travelling to Brixton for a Beauhurst job interview, are coming to meet one of our team for a demo of the platform, or even trying to impress someone on a first date, it’s important to be well-fed and hydrated. 

We’ve got a whole load of tea, coffee, fruit and snacks on offer in our office (probably don’t bring your date here), but if you need a little pick me up before you arrive—or need a spot to relax after—then these are some great options.

The best coffee shops and cafes in Brixton

Brixton Blend

Other than the obvious appeal of some good alliteration, Brixton Blend offers an exceptional cup of coffee. I’ve now bought so many oat milk flat whites (tell me you’re Gen Z without telling me you’re Gen Z) from there that I won’t ever be able to take out a mortgage. With very friendly staff, this nice little cafe really offers an atmosphere that blends the hustle and bustle of Brixton and the calm of a quaint, rural hamlet. 

It also offers a number of different culinary classics: croissants, sausage rolls, little cakes, etc. But if these aren’t quite your speed, never fear, it is next to Subway. So, if you want a great coffee with your plastic, flavourless sandwich, this is the place to go.

Ushering the good folk of Brixton towards Brixton Blend


Before I embarked on this article, I had never been to Balance, but Monika– one of our Account Managers—insisted that I include the coffee stop.

When I asked her what was so good about it, her response was “I don’t know what they do to make it so good, but it’s just the best”. Now if that doesn’t sell it to you, I don’t know what will. Maybe the fact that Monika walks an extra 10 minutes on from Brixton Blend just to go to this one specific coffee shop might do the trick. 

Aside from coffee, Balance also specialises in juices—so if you want to substitute your caffeine hit for a glass of freshly squeezed juice, this is THE place to go.

Monika indoctrinating me into the Balance club


The first time I went to Sendero was on the warmest day of the Summer, and Brixton Pret wasn’t doing ice coffees. Don’t worry, those of you subbed to the Pret membership will be ecstatic to know they have since obtained an ice machine just in time for Winter. 

As soon as we walked in, Sam, our Excel wizard, was complimented on his tattoos, and we were offered iced coffees with a toastie for £3. 

Whether that deal is still going, or whether iced coffees pair well with toasties, is besides the point. The staff and the deals are wonderful in equal measure. 

The best lunch spots in Brixton

San Marino 

Or as I’ve more affectionately been referring to it “Scran Marino”, is literally the whole package. Sandwiches and wraps (both for under £5), full english, pasta, salad bowls, sweet pastries, cakes, and—to top it all off—some of the best coffee in Brixton. 

Make sure you leave enough time for picking up a quick sandwich before your visit, as the queues are often seen trailing around the block. If you’re a meat eater, the chicken coriander will absolutely change your life; if you’re veggie or vegan, try out their falafel wraps—heaven. 

Back of the queue is where the party's at.

Mboa’s Senegalese Food Stand, Station Road

This is a cult favourite amongst Beauhurst. When I joined the company, everyone raved about the Senegalese food at the market. So when it comes to the summer terrace party, who better to do the food than the man who runs it, Mboa (a true Beauhurst legend). 

Mboa caters to all tastes and dietary requirements—beans, chicken, lamb, and fish. The warmth this food brings you is only outdone by the warmth of his heart. 

A word of caution: Be weary of his chilli sauce, it is full to the brim with scotch bonnet, and not for the faint of heart

Forno Brixton (or Mr Hole in the Wall)

If you asked just anyone where to get a cheap pizza in Brixton, they’d point you to Franco Manca, to Mama Dough. But if you ask someone from Beauhurst, they’ll tell you to go to Forno Brixton (or “that hole in the wall, never got the name”).

It is a recently found hidden gem that has swept the office by storm. And why? Because it is £3.90 for a Margarita pizza—the supermarket meal deal is quaking in its Boots at the top spot of “Best value for money lunches”. 

Make sure you don't arrive too early for pizza, otherwise you'll be met with steely shutters and leave with a sour face.

Top shopping spots in Brixton

Perhaps after lunch you’re in the market for a spot of shopping. Well if you’re already in the market then you’re in exactly the right place. Brixton Market and Village have a whole host of small, independent shops to explore. Circus, Artisan Stories and Cornercopia plant shop are great options if you’re in desperate need of a gift, whilst Philip Normal should be your go-to for proud, loud and in your face attire—so you’d fit right into our office.

Outside of the village, I have been told by our famous Beauhurst Book Club to recommend heading over to Book Mongers, a quaint—but deceivingly expansive—second hand bookshop on Coldharbour Lane. Pure Vinyl Records is also a must-see for any musical connoisseurs out there—particularly if you’re into reggae or soul—with a plethora of both second hand and new records to peruse.

Book Mongers is THE place for anyone who likes reading, and is conveniently next to Mikos.

The best restaurants and dinner spots in Brixton

Pop Brixton

If I was going to sum up Pop Brixton in two words, it would be: vibey and variety. Depending on what time you go, Pop Brixton can be a ghost town. But, at other times, it has the thrum of a Turkish bazaar. It also boasts a great selection of local beers to wash down the huge variety of cuisines on offer.

There is actually too much choice in Pop. It’s a terrifying prospect to have to make a decision. My suggestion would be to go with something in mind: if you want a vegan burger that tastes like a beef burger, go to Halo Burger; if you want jerk chicken and amazing plantain, go to Mama’s Jerk; if you want an amazing variety of Vietnamese food, go to VIETBOX. 

If you want to try something new, go to Pop Brixton…

The gates of Pop standing tall and proud.


If you’re looking to sample the culinary Secrets of Greece, you have to check out Mikos Gyros just a stone’s throw away from our office. Whether you’re wolfing something greasy down before a night on the town, or planning a quiet night in with a film, this is the ultimate quick fix for flavour & fullness. 

You’ll often see droves of Deliveroo drivers desperate to get through the door—and if this isn’t a sign that their food is very, very good, then I don’t know what is. 

A very happy chappy with my Vegan Gyros Hotbox–pure perfection.

Franzina Trattoria

Staying in Southern Europe (but actually just up the road from Mikos) is a small, family run, Sicilian restaurant named Franzina Trattoria. This place serves some of the most authentic food you can find in Brixton, and it’s very reasonably priced—3 courses, bottle of wine = ~ £35 per head. 

If you like your arancini crispy, your ravioli packed with flavour and your tiramisu rich and creamy—pray, go quickly to Franzina (you’re welcome). When the spoon hits your tongue, and the breath leaves your lung, that’s Franzina.