A Summary of First-Time Deal Trends in 2022

Sam Peckett, 07 September 2023

In our latest collaboration with SFC Capital, we delved into the trends of seed-stage investment and first-time deals for UK companies from 2013 to 2022.

Below is a summary of the report. Take a look at the full report to get all the details.

Key Findings

First time deals and SEIS

In 2022 we saw a drop in first-time equity deals compared to the previous year, while there was a small increase in second-round and subsequent deals. This suggests a possible shift in investor behaviour, moving away from new investments to reaffirming existing holdings.

Despite market challenges since 2018 and a drop in number of first time deals and volume of investment, SEIS has had a huge impact on first time deals. Since its introduction in 2013, £1.33b has been invested across 15.5k deals.

Seed-stage top investors

SFC Capital topped the ranking of investors in first-time seed-stage deals in 2022, participating in 59 such deals. Crowdfunding platforms Seedrs and Crowdcube also continued to play a prominent role in facilitating seed-stage companies’ first deals.

Key takeaways

The last few years have been challenging for UK companies, including that at seed-stage. Accepting 2021 as an anomaly, first-time equity deals have dropped steadily since 2018. In 2023 and beyond, changes brought in through SEIS 2.0 should play a pivotal role in the UK’s startup ecosystem through adjustments to fundraising caps, gross asset limits, and annual investment limits.

Take a look at our full report for more analysis and data.

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