Explore the New Tailored Dashboard

 12 May 2021

You might have noticed our shiny new dashboard! This new version is more tailored to your activity on the platform, and allows you to bridge the gap between our analysis and yours.

Shareable blogs and reports

The new Latest From Beauhurst panel showcases our latest blogs and reports. New blogs will be posted weekly, meaning you can effortlessly keep up to date with trending topics. Feel free to repost our content to your socials to start conversations with your customers and boost engagement!

We often receive questions about the data and searches that power our blogs. So, each post on the dashboard will include links to pre-filled advanced searches, so you can see how we conducted the analysis, and further explore the organisations and transactions featured.

Stay up to date with news and transactions

Our feed of recent news and transactions is still available, with a fresh look and feel. Many of our subscribers scroll through this feed at the start of the day to keep up to date with all the latest deal activity.

News headlines link to original source articles, so you can gain more context, and transactions link to transaction pages, so you can delve deeper into the deals.

Pick up where you left off

The Recently Viewed panel is based on the profiles, collections and saved searches you last accessed, meaning you can easily pick up where you left off.

Perhaps you work on your collection of portfolio companies regularly—this will now be linked for the next time you log on. Or maybe you just need a reminder of the company you were last looking at before your lunch break.

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