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 14 July 2021

Following feedback from subscribers, we’ve added new criteria to allow you to search over different types of business address.

Understand activity in your region

By default, location searches will show you companies by their head office address. If the head office is not known, registered addresses will be used in its place. (Note that all our tracked companies will have a head office assigned.)

Because this matches our previous location search functionality, any searches or collections you already have set up will be preserved.

However, you may be looking for a more precise view of economic activity in your area. The new search criteria means you can hone in on companies that are trading from your region:

You could even use this criteria to find companies that operate specifically in one region (and therefore may be looking to expand):

Or, maybe you’re looking to find businesses that have no presence in your region, who may be looking to relocate:

We’ve also updated custom exports, so you can choose which of the different address types to export to your spreadsheets for analysis.

Clearer location categories

We’ve also updated our display of locations on Company Profiles and the location dropdown, so it’s clearer and easier to understand the different areas you can search over—from local authorities, to counties and LEPs.

Try out the new criteria on Advanced Search and let us know what you think!

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