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 11 April 2022

We’ve just launched a new experimental dataset, allowing our All Company Data subscribers to search across more than 300,000 company descriptions (8x our current number of tracked businesses).

  • Effortlessly discover relevant companies that match your keyword searches
  • Understand prospective clients and partners in their own words, before deciding if they are worth pursuing
  • Go beyond the existing Beauhurst-tracked companies to find UK businesses of all sizes, stages and sectors

How it works

We gather each description from the company’s website, allowing businesses to express themselves in their own words. These descriptions are then filtered with an algorithm, to ensure only the most descriptive and helpful ones make it onto the platform.

How you can use it

If we hold a description from a website, you’ll find it on the “Basic Details” tab of a company page.

This gives you a richer understanding of the businesses you are interested in. For example, before today, we would have known Chillchain Ltd is in the road freight business (thanks to its SIC code), its financials, and where it is based. But, until now, we didn’t know about its European coverage, its logistics platform, or its refrigerated offerings.

By combining keyword search with the other data we hold on these 300k companies, you can also zero in on the businesses that are most interesting to you, such as finding other refrigerated road freight businesses.

Currently, you can search these descriptions using the standalone “Description from company website” criteria in Advanced Search.

Experimental data

Our samples suggest high accuracy and reliability, whilst still providing significant scale at over 300k descriptions, but we are releasing this data under a new experimental flag. You will start to see this experimental icon around the platform, as we work to get new datasets in your hands faster.

With this new approach to data collection and processing, we want to ensure we have the right balance between scale and quality, so we look forward to hearing your thoughts. Your feedback means we can iterate and improve our data more rapidly too. Win win!

Who can use it

This data is available to all subscribers of our All Company Data add-on. If you don’t have access to this just yet, get in touch with your Account Manager today!

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