Access People with Significant Control (PSC) Data

 18 August 2022

Today we have released People with Significant Control (PSC) data for all UK companies to help you run compliance checks on companies you are interested in.

Since 2016, businesses in the UK have been required to notify Companies House of all individuals and corporate entities that have significant influence or control over their operations. This can cover a range of influences including ownership, voting rights, appointments of directors and other more general control over the company’s activities which is useful for due diligence as it goes beyond basic shareholding information.

We report on each individual and the various types of control they have on the company in the “People” tab.

You might find many many companies have no person registered with significant control. This is likely because be no individual or entity that meets the minimum reporting requirements (e.g. If no shareholder owns more than a 25% stake in the company)

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