Supercharge Your Searches with Enhanced Descriptions

 13 November 2023

We’ve supercharged our descriptions across all companies

Not only are there nearly one million company descriptions, but they have greater qualifying power and are more visible too.

More Companies 📈

With nearly a million companies with supercharged descriptions, discovering relevant companies is now easier than ever.

To make it even better, all your existing description searches will automatically include these additional results 💥

Greater Qualifying Power 🔍

These descriptions have drastically improved qualifying power over their predecessors, allowing you to validate leads and understand the company at a glance.

Better results, faster decisions.

More Visible 👀

Our descriptions are also in even more places, making them more visible. You can see them all directly on the summary page and within Advanced Search results!

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If you have our All Company Data add-on these upgrades are included in your subscription.

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