Uncover Comprehensive Lending Histories with New Data

 18 September 2023

Discover companies’ lending histories with our new mortgages & charges data.

With data on over 3.3m charges across 800k companies, you’ll be able to:

💸 See what companies have received new debt (and when)

💰 Know when their debt has been paid off

🏦 Find out who’s lending money to whom

Uncover a company’s lending history 🏛️

With complete coverage of all charges and mortgages filed by UK companies, you can uncover the full picture of a company’s borrowing history.

Dive into the details 🤿

There’s a whole world of data behind each charge. Using this data, you can reveal when a company has received debt, whether it’s been paid off, who they received it from, and what assets they used as collateral.

Discover the perfect lead 🔍

Combining the depth of data with our powerful search tools, you can build a targeted approach to discover the perfect client.

Want access?

If you already have the All Company Data add-on, you’ll be able to see this across all companies in the UK.

Don’t have the add-on but want the complete picture? Speak to your account manager today 🗣️

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