Advanced Search Over Your Collections

 16 December 2020

It’s not brand new, but we wanted to make sure you didn’t miss this small but powerful addition to Advanced Search!

The “Collections contained in” criteria makes it possible to run powerful searches and answer questions based on your existing collections. For example, if you have a collection of cohort companies you’ve partnered with, you could find out which of these are scaleups with the search below:

Or perhaps you’ve uploaded your portfolio companies from your CRM system to a collection, and you want to run some quick research on their fundraisings–that’s now super simple:

You could even use this feature to put together a contact list of founders–perhaps of the companies at an event:

(Note that people searches are available to subscribers with access to the Networks add on–please contact your account manager to find out more.)

Finally, this new search criteria can also be useful for preventing companies you, or your colleagues, have already contacted from cropping up again in your next search. If you have a collection set up of companies you’ve already reached out to, you can use “none of” with this new search criteria to prevent duplication in your outreach–just like this:

Try out the “Collections contained in” criteria in Advanced Search.

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