The Singer Growth Economy Top 50: A Summary

Lily Ruaah, 05 october 2023

Last year we published The Singer Growth Economy Top 50 in collaboration with Singer Capital Markets. This report provides an in-depth analysis of the top 50 fastest-growing companies in the UK that fall into the Singer Growth Economy themes.

The Singer Growth Economy focuses on four overarching themes: health and wellbeing, the transition to a sustainable economy, innovation and emerging technologies, and geopolitics and demographics.

To allow you to get a brief overview of the companies, we’ve put together a summary of the report below. But don’t forget, you can read the full report for a more extensive view.

What is the Singer Growth Economy?

The Singer Growth Economy was set up by Singer Capital Markets to support growth in companies that help the health of our economy. They support over 40.6k companies in the UK. Between 2012 and 2022, Singer Growth companies secured £94.5b in equity deals.

The report themes

As aforementioned, the Singer Growth Economy is centred around four key themes: promoting health and well-being, facilitating the shift toward a sustainable economy, fostering innovation and emerging technologies, and addressing the interconnected issues of geopolitics and demographics. The report provides a detailed analysis of the sectors that fall under these umbrella themes.

The Singer Growth Economy companies secured significant equity investment over the past decade, with total value of equity investment increasing from £1.08b in 2012 to £24.9b in 2021.


The report uses a unique methodology to identify the top 50 companies. We identified high-growth businesses using our eight signals; beyond this we also looked at the stats below.

Top 50: key findings

Although the report dives into much greater detail, it presents several key findings:

Profile highlights by industry

We’ve pulled out some of the most innovative companies to watch in technology, healthcare and consumer goods. These companies have seen large equity investments through several rounds of fundraising, but they’re just a glimpse at the full top 50.


KBox Global

Coming in at number five on the Singer Growth Economy top 50 is KBox Global. KBox Global is a technology company headquartered in London that specialises in creating solutions that link commercial kitchens with food delivery brands, enabling efficient order management.

Since its establishment in 2015, the company has secured £32.1m in equity investment through three fundraising rounds, with contributions from investors such as Balderton Capital and Hoxton Ventures.

Find more on UK Defence Tech.


At number six is Located in Cambridgeshire, employs genetically reprogrammed human stem cells for the creation of innovative therapies and research instruments. Since its inception as a spin-off from the University of Cambridge in 2017, has secured £141 million in equity investment across six fundraising rounds. Notable investors in these rounds include Charles River Labs, Foresite Capital, and Puhua Capital.

Consumer goods


Motorway comes in at number 13 on the list. Founded in 2016, Motorway operates an online platform that links private car sellers with various dealers. Through six fundraising rounds, the company has secured £205m in equity investment. Investors such as Index Ventures, BMW i Ventures, and ICONIQ Growth have supported this London-based company. Motorway achieved unicorn status in November 2021 after a successful £143m equity funding round.

To see the top three and a rundown of the top 50, download the full report.

Geographic distribution

The report also examines the geographic distribution of these companies:

Our conclusion

The Singer Growth Economy Top 50 report showcases the resilience and growth potential of UK companies. Despite the challenging economic environment, these companies have demonstrated impressive growth, particularly in the technology, healthcare, and consumer goods sectors. The report serves as a testament to the strength and dynamism of the UK economy.

For a more detailed analysis and to see the list of the top 50 companies, you can access the full report here.

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