How Do Universities Use Beauhurst?

Sarah Cheeseman, 17 August 2023

The UK is home to some of the most innovative universities in the world. From these universities emerge spinout companies and prestigious alumni, bringing millions of pounds into the UK economy every year. Universities are an essential part of any innovation ecosystem, nurturing the next generation of entrepreneurs in high-growth sectors such as healthcare, artificial intelligence and fintech.

While universities have a key role to play in growing the economy and supporting their students and alumni, they can be limited by a lack of reliable data. This means that without the right tools, many processes and reporting systems can be time-consuming at best, and impossible at worst. That’s where BeauhurstImpact platform comes into play.

What is BeauhurstImpact?

BeauhurstImpact is a data platform that brings together information on every private UK company.This searchable data platform was created specifically to help teams to make accurate, data-driven decisions and give them access to timely, reliable data on the UK private company market. Using a combination of machine learning models, data extraction tools and 60+ data analysts, our data is the ultimate means to understand ecosystems and measure impact. So, whatever university team you’re in—knowledge transfer, partnerships or academic support, for example—there’s an opportunity to save time, money and improve performance using Beauhurst data.

Why do universities use BeauhurstImpact?

Many of our university clients feed back that BeauhurstImpact has been a game-changer, helping them to complete months worth of work in just one day. While the uses of our data are (almost) endless, here are just a handful of ways in which our data platform helps existing teams at universities:

1. Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

Or KTPs, as they’re more commonly known. Universities often use our data platform to find companies that will take part in a KTP or report on the impact of the KTP. The search functionality allows you to look across the entire private UK market to source companies that fit your specifications, and our network’s features demonstrate where you may have connections with that company.

2. Tracking spinouts

Access to our platform enables teams to track the spinout companies from your institution. Uncover funding trends, stage of evolution and sector ranking, and keep an eye on acquisitions and fundraisings that offer your university the opportunity to provide support wherever needed.

3. Find funding sources

Effortlessly search for grants that a specific spinout might be eligible for, as well as funds that could aid their growth. This resource can also be used for investigative research, giving you an understanding of fundraisings within similar companies and what a spinout could expect from a round. Our data can be filtered by which investors have a history in supporting university spinouts specifically, making it easier for you to identify a list of key contacts.

4. Competitor monitoring

By creating a list of spinouts from competitor universities, you can easily conduct comparisons, pulling reports to understand aggregate trends in sectors of interest. Additionally, our ‘Similar Companies’ algorithm means that you can search for companies that are within the same descriptions as your own university’s spinouts. This can be a great tool for benchmarking and monitoring companies within the same sectors.

5. Insights, trends and reporting

Our platform is the perfect tool for analysing different sectoral insights and trends, giving you comprehensive data for every transaction. The data can be broken down into a number of different demographic filters, including gender and location. The data can also be used to create reports, reviewing information for your own spinouts, or competitors.

What can you use BeauhurstImpact data for?

While each university that we work with will have different KPIs and targets to achieve, the ways they use the platform are largely similar. We work closely with each team to understand their needs, and provide tools that are specifically designed to help them reach their goals.

Conducting due diligence

The accuracy of our data makes it a great source of information for conducting due diligence. This could include researching and verifying information filed by a company on Companies House (e.g. registered names, corporate structure diagrams and full financial statements), finding information on high-growth companies (including credit ratings, company descriptions and director histories), or scanning news article mentions and transaction history. Our platform allows you to look into a timeline of key events, visualising financial performance over time and discovering company insights that aren’t available elsewhere.

For automated alerts

Our alerts function provides email notification whenever any new people or companies fall into one of your saved searches. So, if you have created a saved list of spinouts from your own university, or another, you will be the first to know if there are any changes within this list. Keeping you one step ahead.

Analyse activity over time

Our data can also provide you with the statistics you need to track business activity within your local area over time, highlighting trends and showing the positive effect that your help and investments have achieved. Making reporting easier than ever before. 

Automated alerts

Our alerts function notifies you by email if any new people or companies fall into a saved search. This means that you can find out about companies conducting pioneering research and building innovative businesses and be the first to reach out. This function also allows you to monitor existing businesses within your area, meaning you can be alerted to any changes within your collections automatically.

For market research and gap analysis

The data we provide can be a great tool for researching sectors of interest for potential student startups. By understanding the market and identifying gaps, you can glean workable insights into areas that are currently less crowded. You can also get key information on successful companies, including their scale and exit rates—a useful tool for any university wanting to get a full understanding of the business ecosystem.

Working with Beauhurst

At Beauhurst, we invest a lot of time and energy into ensuring our platform answers all your needs. We are constantly adding to and updating our data, providing you with the up-to-date and precise information you need to support and boost your students and alumni. Our Account Management team is always on hand to give you personalised support, from setting up portfolio alerts to providing market insights and intelligence, and offering in-depth knowledge on how to get the best out of the platform. If you’d like to find out more about getting access to unrivalled data, we’d love to hear from you. Speak to a member of our team today, or find out more about how the platform works by booking a demo.

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