How Do B2B Software Providers Use Beauhurst?

How Do B2B Software Providers Use Beauhurst?

Sarah Cheeseman, 25 MAy 2023

When you work in the B2B software industry, understanding your audience and their needs is vital to being able to market to them. While we live in a world filled with data, sourcing the right information for your sales teams can still be a long and drawn-out process. With so many different places to look, how do you know that the figures are correct? And how do you target the right people? This is where BeauhurstSales comes in.

So, what is BeauhurstSales? 

BeauhurstSales is the ultimate private company data source, combining over 5m pieces of information—everything from financial filings to patents—into one platform. Within this centralised location, users can search across all our data and create lists, creating workable information and leads that can’t be found elsewhere.

Why do B2B software providers use BeauhurstSales?

Finding new customers can be tricky for many businesses, especially within more niche areas of the B2B software space. Successful business development can be a time consuming and thankless task, focused on actively searching LinkedIn, or waiting for leads to come through on SEO or PPC campaigns. The BeauhurstSales platform offers innovative new ways to find leads. Find out what success-boosting features our clients are already utilising.

1. Improve business development processes

If you’re reading this, you’re probably already on the lookout for new business to approach. The business development is, more often than not, slow and manual. With so many different companies to approach, how do you know which are the right ones? And which will be ready to buy? 

The BeauhurstSales platform was built with these questions in mind. Using reliable, up-to-date data, business development teams can source customers in the right sectors and at the right stage of growth to benefit from your software. 

2. Stay ahead of the competition

We don’t need to tell you that the B2B software landscape is incredibly competitive. It’s why our clients use our platform to be innovative in the way they search for and approach new businesses. Using our data, they scan across the whole private UK market to find business opportunities that their competitors don’t know about. 

3. Target quick wins

In the past, many B2B software companies relied on more of a scattergun approach to marketing and sales, trying to draw as many people into the top of the funnel as possible and move them through the buying process. While this may have had its successes, the modern landscape requires a more bespoke approach. It’s far more effective to create personalised campaigns and target specific groups of people or businesses. With BeauhurstSales, you can create segmented lists that are specific to your ideal customer, and then target them with timely, tailored campaigns. As our data is continually updated, so will your target lists, meaning you can reach new opportunities as soon as they arise. 

4. Find niche audiences

In the world of B2B software, providers of new solutions are often targeting smaller customer pools with specific needs, hoping to resolve specific issues or create business efficiencies. 

While this means defining your ideal customer is easy, it doesn’t make it easier to find or market to them. By using the BeauhurstSales platform search tools, you can whittle your searches down to find highly-specific lead lists in seconds. And because we hold vast amounts of data, you’ll also find key people and contact details. Whether you’re looking for lawtechs, crypto startups, contech or challenger banks, we’ve got you covered.

What can I use BeauhurstSales data for?

Unlike other data providers, we don’t just scrape raw data and upload it. Our team of 60+ data analysts and developers curate the data to ensure it’s correct, up-to-date and laid out in the best way for our users. And because we’re always adding more data, you can be assured that the data you pull is up to date and accurate. But what can B2B software companies actually do with all this data? Here are some of the most common uses we’ve seen from our clients. 

Search buzzwords in your industry

If you’re working in a relatively niche area, one of the most useful search tools that you can use on the BeauhurstSales platform is the Explore feature. This advanced search option allows you to find companies and markets within a certain set of criteria, searching for industry buzzwords. You can then explore trends within fast-growth companies. Companies that come up in your search can be reviewed under different topics and broken down by even more criteria, leaving you with a specially crafted list of business opportunities.

Find companies using specific tech on their website

Using our ‘technology used on website’ filter, you can search across companies that are using specific software. By seeing the technology a potential target is using, you can personalise your approach, marketing and communications even further. 

Search for companies growing their headcount

If you charge for your service per head, being able to identify companies that are in the process of growing their headcount can be a gamechanger. Not only does it mean you can target new businesses that are likely to benefit from your software, but you can also track growth and changes with your existing client base, meaning you can approach them with offers in a timely and appropriate manner.

See unannounced fundraising

One of the most unique features of our platform is the ability to see unannounced rounds of fundraising. This means you can get integral insight into the workings and growth of businesses within the UK, identifying those that are at a particular stage and having the opportunity to approach them before anyone else. Beauhurst currently tracks over 21,344 companies that have raised equity funding behind closed doors—just think of how many potential clients are among them

Search for similar companies

If you’ve seen success with a company in a particular sector, our ‘similar company’ search could be a goldmine of further opportunities. Using machine learning and semantic search, the BeauhurstSales platform analyses company descriptions within the database, creating links to similar companies—even if they don’t contain the same words and phrases. Find out more about searching for similar companies with BeauhurstSales.

Working with Beauhurst

We’re all about making data work for you. We want businesses to be able to wave goodbye to slow, inefficient business development processes and start searching smart to find the companies that are ready to buy. That’s why our Account Managers and Client Experience Managers are always on hand to help you navigate the platform and get the most out of it. To find out more, book a demo or speak to a member of our team today.

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