How Do Accountancy and Professional Services Use Beauhurst?

How Do Accountancy and Professional Services Use Beauhurst?

Sarah Cheeseman, 20 July 2023

For professional services, business development is all about finding clients that can benefit from a full suite of your services, sticking with you throughout the lifecycle and becoming loyal customers. But actually finding this sweet-spot of clients is harder than it sounds—especially in a market that’s becoming more saturated each day. Many accountancy and professional services providers are looking for creative new ways to find clients, which is exactly where the BeauhurstAdvise platform comes in. 

What is BeauhurstAdvise?

BeauhurstAdvise is a data platform that has been developed specifically for those in the professional service industry to search for and locate the best opportunities for their business. We combine huge amounts of data—with everything from financial filings to patents—in one location, enabling our users to search across our vast database and create personalised lists of leads that can’t be found elsewhere.

Why do accountancy and professional services use BeauhurstAdvise?

Maintaining a competitive edge in this market can be tricky, especially for businesses that have previously stuck to more traditional methods within their business processes. But if you’re looking for a more innovative way to source new clients and build your relationship with them, the BeauhurstAdvise platform is ideally placed to help you with this. Here are just a few examples of how our existing accountancy and professional services users take advantage of our platform. 

1. Improving business development

We track every private company in the UK, and identify those businesses that are growing and innovating. This allows our users  to search across the entire market to identify the right leads for their business. So whether you’re looking for businesses in a particular location or industry, or those that are at a certain stage in their development and growth, we can help. 

2. Understanding cross-sell opportunities

The ability to cross-sell different products to new and existing clients can be highly profitable. The difficulty comes in trying to understand exactly which products are appropriate for each client, and at what time. Our platform gives you access to unparalleled information that can help you to define this, layering over personalised search criteria on your own client base to highlight the best cross-sell options for each. You can also set up alerts to ensure you never miss an opportunity.

3. Helping with advisory

The BeauhurstAdvise platform allows you to keep an eye on a variety of different trends and factors across a range of markets that interest you. You can set up alerts for anything that could have an impact on potential transactions, allowing you to provide relevant and up-to-date advice for your clients. This helps to position you as an expert leader in your space and develop an additional level of trust with those who work with you.

4. Improving due diligence and research processes

And it’s not just businesses. On BeauhurstAdvise, you can find and track funders. This gives you the opportunity to network towards them, building firm relationships for them to refer late stage attendees of their programmes through to you. 

5. Thought leadership

With so much information about different markets at your fingertips, you’re able to use this to create content for your business, highlighting upcoming trends and explaining how these may affect existing or future clients. This can help develop you as a thought leader in your space—a trusted source of knowledge that people come to for reliable information on the topics you discuss. 

6. Marketing strategy

Understanding more about your clients and the market you operate in can have hugely beneficial repercussions for other areas of your business as well, especially the marketing team. The insights you can gain from the BeauhurstAdvise platform can be monumental when it comes to informing future strategies, messaging and communication planning and getting you ahead of your competition.

What can I use BeauhurstAdvise data for?

Our platform is used by a number of accountancy and professional services firms to improve their business development strategies and drive better results for existing clients. Let’s take a look at some of the different features of BeauhurstAdvise and how they can work for people in these industries.

Announced and unannounced deals

Not every deal is done in the open. There are thousands of funding rounds in the UK each year—both announced and unannounced. One of our biggest and most unique selling points is that we give you access to both. This means you gain access to information that barely anyone else in the market can see, giving you a huge advantage when it comes to speaking to and winning potential clients before any of your competitors do. 

Finding companies that are likely to raise 

While we can’t identify companies that are looking for fundraising for absolute certain, we can create proxy searches to find those that are most likely to do so. For example, as most funding cycles are between 9-12 months, you can search for those that have raised in the past 6-9 to create a detailed list of businesses that may be in the process of looking for funding that could benefit from one or more of your services.

Identifying companies and people that are likely to exit

We can also help you to find companies and people that are likely to exit in the near future, searching on details such as those that have had venture capital funding in the past five years, or those with older directors and shareholders.

Finding high net-worth individuals

If high net-worth individuals are what you’re after, this is another area that we’re able to help with. We provide an estimated ‘paper worth’ of individuals within the database, meaning you can save valuable time on research and find the right people to approach to discuss your products and services.

Finding up and coming IP-heavy sectors

Companies that possess a significant amount of intellectual property can be particularly interesting to professional services providers. Many of these businesses can take advantage of a range of products and services, such as financial advice and valuations, IP strategy and consulting and legal and intellectual property services. Our platform allows you to search for the companies within your target audience who hold a large amount of IP and are likely to benefit from the services you offer.

Creating alerts for searches

Stay on top of what’s happening with your clients, as well as in your target market, with our alerts feature that notifies you if there are changes to the companies in your Collection. This can be tailored however you need it to, meaning you can take more time over your business development and marketing strategies and create targeted, personalised campaigns. Find out more about our Collection alerts

Working with Beauhurst

We created our platform so that our clients could get the most out of the data that’s available. We bring together information from multiple different sources to create the most in-depth and accurate picture of the UK market at any time. Our Account Managers are also here to help you get exactly what you need from BeauhurstAdvise, offering personalised advice and insights to make sure you never miss an opportunity again. To find out more about our platform and working together, book a demo or speak to a member of our team today.

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