The Deal 2023


UK equity investments are down, but still totalled £12b in 2023. What does this mean, and what will 2024 bring? Watch the interview with our experts below to find out.

Cara McGannan is joined by Bila Turay and Henry Whorwood to give you a deeper insight into the data behind The Deal 2023, our flagship report analysing every publicly-announced UK equity investment in 2023.

They cover:

  • What 2023’s downturn in deals means for the UK business ecosystem
  • Trends in sectors such as blockchain, AI, and cleantech
  • How a drop in megadeals might signal a flight to quality

The Deal 2023

Explore our annual equity market update for exclusive access to every deal in 2023, along with insightful analysis on what the story behind the data, and projections for 2024.