The SaaS Brief

We’ve taken a closer look at the UK’s Software-as-a-Service sector, mapping out the ecosystem and handpicking some of the top companies in the space. 

the UK's SaaS market

What’s inside?

Investments into UK SaaS companies
distribution of UK SaaS companies
top investors into uk saas compannies

Funding trends

Amount invested into SaaS companies is on the up, but we’re seeing a decline in the number of deals completed.

Geographical Distribution

Half of SaaS companies in the UK are based in London, but the remaining businesses are distributed fairly evenly across the country. 

Top investors and companies

These are the top firms pumping capital into the SaaS market, and the companies turning that investment into revenue. 

This report highlights

High-growth Companies

Equity Funding received

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Accelerator graduates

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Where does the data come from?

All data featured comes from the Beauhurst platform, a searchable database of the UK’s fastest-growing startups and scaleups.

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