Fast-Growth & Fundraising

We’ve taken a look at startups that secured their first round of VC funding, to identify indicators that a company is looking for venture capital.

Venture capital firms are one of the most common types of equity investors in the UK’s high-growth ecosystem. But our data suggests that it’s growing increasingly hard for early-stage companies to secure venture capital deals… So what do the companies that successfully secured their first round with private equity or venture capital funds in 2021 have in common?

In this free report on startups likely to be seeking VC investment, you’ll uncover:

  • The number and amount of first-time VC deals in 2021

  • What recipient companies have in common in terms of:

    • stage of evolution

    • previous equity funding rounds

    • previous financials

  • Four ambitious UK businesses likely to be fundraising with VC firms right now

Here’s a sneak-peak inside

fast growth and fundraising report
fast growth and fundraising report

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