Discover Similar Companies with Intelligent Description Search

 1 February 2022

You may have seen our similar companies algorithm on a tracked company page. It uses machine learning to analyse the meaning of a company description and find other tracked companies with similar descriptions, even if they aren’t described with the same words.

Following client feedback, we have released two new features for Advanced Search today that build on our existing similar companies feature to help you find relevant companies even if they don’t fall neatly into existing criteria.

Discover similar companies in Advanced Search

Now you can include similar companies as a criteria in advanced search and combine it with any other data.

  • Find client competitors so that you can keep track of them.
  • Find similar companies to your clients and prospect towards them, building a sector niche for your business.
  • Find funds investing in similar companies to your clients so that you can find sources of funding and benchmark deals.

In Advanced Search for companies, you can find it in “Further Details > Description is similar to”

By default, you can enter a company name and we will find companies like that one.

Explore niche or emerging sectors

If you don’t have a specific company in mind, you can switch to “a description like…” to type in a description of your own. This is great for finding niche groups of companies that don’t fit into the existing sector or buzzword categorisations. Below we are able to quickly find “fire safety equipment” companies that are scaling up rapidly without needing to build a complex combination of sectors and exact keyword matches.

NB: This type of search uses the context of the words in the search term so works best using sentences rather than a list of unassociated keywords.

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