Unlock Specific Searches with Business Descriptions from Filings

 28 January 2021

We’re pleased to be launching another feature from our “frequently requested” list: you can now use business descriptions from filings to refine your searches for all companies. These descriptions come from a company’s Financial Statement, where full accounts are being filed (please note that the Beauhurst data team does not curate these descriptions).

Example: Barclays

Subscribers who have access to our All Company Data feature have fed back that whilst SIC codes are useful, they are sometimes too broad or old fashioned to capture current innovative markets. We have added these descriptions from filings to help you unlock more powerful, specific searches, and find relevant companies.

For example, you may be interested in the vegan market. The various food retailing and manufacturing SIC codes are too broad for this, meaning you may have to sift through thousands of irrelevant companies. But now, you can hone in on this specific area using the keyword:

Or perhaps you are interested in a specific area of medical research:

You can find business descriptions on company profiles, advanced search (in the “basic details” section) and exports.

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