Organise Collections with Purpose and Description

 19 July 2023

Add a Purpose and Description to all of your Collections so you can stay organised and informed whenever you view them.

With a few simple clicks when creating a Collection, you can align with your team and future self on what the Collection is for and how to achieve that result.

Adding in a Description and Purpose will help keep you and your team on the same page whenever they are viewing a Collection

Whether creating a new list of new prospects or keeping an eye on your clients we have purposes that match what you need to do!

We’ll also use this Purpose to suggest the most interesting activity to keep track of.

This means you can say hello to relevant update emails and events that lead to interesting conversations.

We aren’t leaving old Collections behind!

You can add the new Description from the Collections page for your current collections. Simply click on the add button to update your Collection.

Here are a few Collections that we have put together ourselves.

This Collection is excellent for receiving interesting events around fundraising and change in company size.  Perfect for reaching out at the right time

Another smashing Collection, perfect for keeping up to date with the important people in your life.

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