New SIC code, sector, and buzzword ranking chart

 19 May 2021

Following user feedback, we’ve replaced our sector ranking chart with a customisable breakdown on Advanced Search, Collections, and Explore. This new chart ranks sectors, buzzwords, and SIC code groups, allowing you to run top-level analysis in just a few clicks.

Less time in spreadsheets—phew!

Previously, many of our subscribers had to export data offline in order to answer questions about their region. In particular, users with access to our All Company Data add-on needed a quicker way to report on SIC codes, rather than just the sectors for our core companies. You can now do this straight away from Advanced Search and Explore:

Percentage (raw) of companies per SIC code group for companies in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly LEP

As with other charts on the platform, you can export the chart of your choice to a .png or .csv file—perfect for adding to your presentations and reports.

Which industries are powering your local economy?

You can also gain deeper insight into your local economy by choosing ranking metrics such as percentage of companies, total turnover, or total employee count.

Using these options, you can find out which industry in your region is the top employer, or which has the highest turnover, in order to inform your decision making:

Sector ranking for companies in Oxford, by total turnover and total employee count

Showcase your portfolio and expertise

Using this new chart on your Collections means reporting on your portfolio is easier than ever. Perhaps you’d like to showcase your strengths, and back this up with data.

Or perhaps you have a large client base and want to find out where the untapped opportunities lie, by taking a look at underrepresented industries.

Buzzword ranking for a collection of tracked companies in London

Check out the chart on Advanced Search, Explore, and Collections.

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