Gain Insights with New Gender and Age Data

 7 July 2021

If you have access to our Networks add-on, you’ll see we’ve added some new search criteria and charts to the platform. Read on to find out about these valuable new insights into demographics.

Reach out to female-led businesses

We’ve added new criteria to Advanced Search that allows you to find companies according to the gender balance of their directors, founders, or key people.

Perhaps you are looking to build your contact list for an event, or a diversity and inclusion initiative—for example, you might be looking for companies with all female founders:

Or, you might be looking to partner with companies with gender-balanced leadership teams:

The gender balance for directors, founders, and key people can be found in the company criteria menu of Advanced Search.

Report on gender diversity across cohorts of companies

The gender balance chart allows you to understand the makeup of the companies you’re looking at through Advanced Search, Collections, and Explore.

For example, you might want to use the chart in Collections to investigate the gender balance of your portfolio companies—comparing directors, founders, or key people. 

If you have access to our All Company Data add-on,  you’ll be able to understand director demographics across all companies—not just tracked ones. And as with the majority of charts on Beauhurst, you can export to png to add to your reports, or to CSV for further analysis.

Understand leadership teams in your region or industry

The new gender divide chart will show you the gender of the founders, directors, and key people at the companies in your space. You might be looking to find out more about business owners in your area: combine an advanced search with this chart and you can instantly understand how many business owners in your area are male or female:

Percentage of tracked company founders by gender in the London borough of Wandsworth

Or, perhaps you’re investigating a traditionally male-dominated industry and you’d like to see whether the gender-split of directors has changed over time:

Percentage of directors by gender in the banking SIC codes

Compare director ages across industries

Finally, we’ve added a chart to give insight into director age brackets. You might be interested to use this in Explore to compare and contrast the age breakdowns across industries, and how this has changed over time:

Check out these new insights in Advanced Search, Explore, and Collections. And as ever, let us know how you find these new additions!

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