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 1 July 2021

New data has been added to Beauhurst to show which UK companies have claimed money—and how much—through the Job Retention Scheme to support workers on furlough. The data covers December 2020 onwards, and over 700,000 companies across the UK have made claims since then.

You’ll be able to use this data to better understand how companies have been affected by the pandemic. If a company is tracked by Beauhurst, you’ll get an even clearer picture with our COVID-19 statuses.

You can get a quick overview of every claim a company has made in the Basic Details tab of the company profile.

Or, perhaps you’d like to see a list of every company that claimed over a certain amount over a specific time period – you can use the “Job Retention Scheme claims” criteria in Advanced Search for this:

If you want to take this data offline to work with, you can export all of the claims a company has made to a CSV file from Advanced Search, Collections, or the CSV button on a company profile.

The government updates the data monthly, covering claims made up to two months before the date of publication. If you want to learn more about the government’s data, you can find it here.

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