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 6 April 2023

Discover the power of patents with our latest platform add-on.

Identify which companies are developing unique innovative technologies, find the industries that are pushing innovation, and see how effectively (or ineffectively) companies are protecting their intellectual property.

With the ability to search over and view 165k granted patents on 29K companies. All reliably sourced from the European Patent Office. You’ll be light years ahead.

Who is winning the race to protect their intellectual property?

Whether you care about 32 companies that have been granted UK patents related to solar technology, or the 15,545 companies that have filed patents in the United States, our search tools will help you to discover companies that are winning or losing the race to attain patent protection.

Reveal what a company is really doing

The patents filed by a company expose the technologies that a company cares about so much, that they are willing to commit significant time and money in order to prevent others from commercially benefitting from them.

Use patent titles to peer into a company’s inner workings, their future plans, and discover companies working on technologies you care about.

Uncover international ambitions

See which countries a company has secured patent protection in and understand their commercial ambitions long before they are actively operating in those countries.

Discover companies at risk

Companies operating in innovative industries with zero or partial patent protection are not fully benefitting from their intellectual property, whilst leaving territorial gaps for others to commercially exploit their innovations.

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