Customise and Sort Your Advanced Search Results

 6 September 2022

We’ve just released one of the most requested features to the platform!

We’ve been talking to lots of our customers about how we can help you get more out of search to find the companies you care about with more speed, clarity and confidence. Today we release our first version of customisable columns which should help you…

– Better understand your search results

Save time by viewing key financial and fundraising information on a company to understand if they are relevant before diving into their full profile.

– Focus on what matters

Remove and reorder columns so you can focus on only the most important information when reviewing your results.

– Find the most relevant companies by sorting

You can now order the results by all of our new data points so you can quickly prioritise your work to the most interesting companies first.

All of this means you can spend less time exporting and repeat-searching for the right results and more time acting on the data you know is valuable.

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