Comprehensive Updates to the Company Summary Page

 14 April 2023

The Company Summary Page is getting a bumper box of updates today, with changes to 🔎 Details, 🕴People, and 📈 Financial Panels plus the addition of a brand new ♊️ Similar Companies panel

Details Panel

we’ve made it much easier to understand and
added in some tasty treats to enrich your understanding of a company at
record-breaking speed

📡 Understand which technologies each company uses on their website at a glance

🏛 See how the company fits into the larger corporate structure

People Panel

🕵️‍♂️ Our new people panel just made it a whole lot easier to understand who’s who at each company

Focus on the roles that matter to you with the new people breakdown

For the lucky lot with our Networks add-on, you can now see how many connections are present at each company. Even better you can filter down just to show your connections at a company on the people breakdown 🌟

Financial Panel

It’s wide 👑

Similar Companies Panel

Found the perfect company? Looking for more?
Well look no further than the Similar Companies Summary, quickly assess whether a similar company is the right next stop on your journey, using the new company quick view cards found at the bottom of the summary page

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