Access Comprehensive Commodity Trade Data

 13 February 2023

Our new commodity import and export data set from HMRC covers non-EU trade from 2016 and EU exports since March 2022. This new data will help you better discover and understand over 282k companies across the UK.

What a company trades is a great way to identify what industry it operates in; particularly useful for those with a limited public presence.

You can utilise trade data across company pages in a new “Commodity Trade” page and via Advanced Search.

Zero in on relevant industries

Whether you care about the 15,000 companies that have traded vegetables in the last six years or the three companies that exported brussels sprouts in April 2022, our search tools will help you find companies that mean something to you.

To help identify a company’s core focus, you can now look at the commodities they are trading most frequently..

Uncover growth signals

Analyse a company’s import and export trends to determine if they are expanding or reducing their international operations.

Find potential new exporters

Identify promising companies including those who haven’t traded recently that need your support to unlock their full export potential.

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