Analyse Company Foundations and Cessations with New Charts

 5 March 2021

What’s the health of my local economy? Is the picture better or worse than last year? Is my sector of interest thriving–or just about surviving?

Many of our subscribers use Beauhurst to answer questions like these, by exporting our data to create charts and reports. We wanted to take out this middle step, and help you gain insights straightaway on the platform.

The foundations and cessations chart displays the number of companies that were founded and ceased operations over time. Perhaps you need to visualise the success of businesses in your region in order to report on your organisation’s impact. For this, you might choose to view foundations and/or cessations in your area–or simply the net change in the number of companies.

Foundations and cessations in the Coast to Capital LEP

You can also adjust the time frame and time periods of the charts to suit your needs– for example, you might want to view month by month changes, in order to spot patterns, and predict and adjust planned spend in your LEP.

Take a look at the new charts in Explore and in the statistics tab of Advanced Search.

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