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 6 January 2022

To properly ring in the new year we’ve launched a new data point to help you keep track of companies that are actively hiring.

  • Find clients that are likely to be in the market for recruitment services and technology
  • Approach existing and potential clients with more knowledge of their business
  • Use it as an indicator for the general health of a company


You can find the actively hiring status on the “Basic Details” tab of a company page, in the Status box.


It’s also available in Advanced Search and can be combined with other search attributes to help you find companies most relevant to you.


This data is also available in CSV exports, whether you want to further analyse the data or combine it with other sources. You can find it under the “Activity” category when you export a CSV from the company, collection and advanced search pages.

Find out more about how we generate this data in our FAQs.

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