Seamlessly Collaborate with New Collection Features

 19 August 2022

Let’s get Collaborative.

Starting today, you can coordinate your workflow with your colleagues seamlessly within the Beauhurst platform.

With this new feature, you can build, edit, and manage collections alongside your team.

Doing everything you can in a private collection… but together!

🏷 New Collaborative Collection-specific tags mean that you can easily stay aligned, as your team explores the companies within a Collaborative Collection 🏷

🦖 Keep track of the changes with the new history panel 🦖

📄Set up Collections in all the same ways without having to replicate your colleagues’ 📄

Set-up is super simple

Collaborative Collections can be created in the same way as any Collection! All you have to do is select the collaborative type during creation.

Pick up where you left off

Don’t lose all the work you’ve put into a Collection, simply select “Collaborative” with your collection’s settings and our smart transfer system will convert your Collection, maintaining all of your tags and items but allowing your team to continue the work alongside you.

A new world of opportunities for you and your team!

🔨 Build together 🔨

Making a list of interesting companies on Beauhurst has never been easier: collaborate with your colleague by adding and removing companies from the same Collection, to build the ultimate list.

🎯 Coordinate 🎯

With the new Collection type, we’re also introducing a new tagging system to go alongside Collaborative Collections. These tags will just apply to the specific Collection you’re working on. It’s great to all sing off the same hymn sheet.

📌 Why not… Create a pipeline for your team. Within a Collaborative Collection, you can set up tags to indicate which stage a company is in and who should be owning the interaction. Now you only need to import qualified leads into your CRM.

Keeping track of these changes is a breeze, just click on the history panel to understand what’s changed:

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