How finnCap Generate More Revenue with a Beauhurst Subscription


The depth and accuracy of data that Beauhurst collects is game changing. It allows us to be more efficient and access a wider pool of potential clients, which in turn results in more revenue for the business.

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finnCap helps ambitious companies grow by introducing them to the most appropriate form of capital. The London based broker is now the number one adviser of businesses on the London Stock Exchange, and is also making significant inroads in the private market. The private fundraising team supports established UK businesses with annual revenues of £1m+ who are seeking fundraising in excess of £2m.

As daily users of Beauhurst, Hugo and his team have been using the platform for the past three years to identify ambitious companies looking for funding, research industry trends and quickly prepare for meetings.

The challenge

Very simply, my job is discovering high-potential companies and knowing the right funders to help them grow. Prior to Beauhurst, finding companies that are looking for funding was enormously challenging. The rules around small company exemption reporting means that it is incredibly difficult to identify those companies who are exhibiting the characteristics that we look for, so hours of laborious desktop research might only return a few results.

How they use Beauhurst to identify high-potential companies looking to raise finance

The ability to create very specific custom searches on almost any company characteristic lets me target businesses with a really high level of granularity. The company profile pages are easily navigable and allow us to understand the company really quickly – detailed and reliable information on fundraisings is particularly useful for us.

When we go on to meet these prospects, I always make sure I have their profile up in front of me so I have all their details and available financials to hand.

How they use Beauhurst to identify appropriate funders for their clients

The data Beauhurst has collected on investors – whether that be through their website, what is publicly announced or what can be deduced by their activity (or lack thereof) – makes it far simpler to create a shortlist of funders who are relevant to a particular opportunity. So instead of trawling through a list of 100 potential funds, I can speed up the process and quickly filter down to something like 30 funds. Ultimately, this level of time saving generates more revenue for the business.

The results of using Beauhurst

It helps bring in new business

I’ve recently used Beauhurst to identify companies with similar characteristics to a business that we’ve just completed a fundraising for, such as the same sector focus and notable business angels featured on their cap table. I approached the resulting companies to understand if we can help them in a similar way. All of the companies I approached got in contact and two of those look like they may well be future clients.

There is no way I would have found these companies without Beauhurst. By creating a “Collection” that automatically finds companies with the same characteristics, that list of potential future clients grows on a weekly basis, providing me with new leads all the time.

And it saves us time
In short, Beauhurst has made me more efficient and more able to identify potential clients, which in turn results in more revenue for the business.

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