How AlbionVC Uses the Beauhurst API to Enrich Its Data


Beauhurst has been vital in keeping us on the front foot in discovering new companies and making new investments.

AlbionVC has been supporting visionary founders with capital and expertise for 26 years. The firm now has a focus on the software and healthcare sectors, as the team uses their knowledge and experience to support businesses on their journey to success.

Venture Capital



The Challenge

Since AlbionVC first started using the Beauhurst platform in 2018, the industry has undergone a huge shift. Firms are now required to be more data-focused when searching for and discovering companies, to ensure they’re informed and making decisions quickly. It’s therefore crucial that firms have access to accurate and up-to-date information to assist their investment and decision-making processes.

The Solution

Outbound origination

Venture capital used to be a relationship-driven industry, relying on referrals to grow a client base. AlbionVC now discovers companies from an outbound origination perspective, searching through data sources that they would never otherwise have found. The team at Albion creates workable lists of potential leads, reaching out to them directly. This speeds up their processes and gives them a much broader selection of investment prospects. As Cat McDonald, Investment Director at AlbionVC, explained, Beauhurst data is part of this process for the team.

“Beauhurst has been pivotal in helping us overcome the shortcomings that are associated with more traditional models, such as discovering underrepresented founders and a more diverse set of companies.”

Connecting with our API

AlbionVC have recently started using our API function to plug Beauhurst data directly into their systems. This has completely changed the way they use the data, automating a number of workflows and freeing up internal resources to focus on more valuable activities.

Cat McDonald detailed that while there’s always more that can be done with data strategy, “the API has given us a much more efficient way to consume the great data that comes out of the Beauhurst platform.”

There are now a number of ongoing initiatives that the team at AlbionVC are introducing internally that will rely on this API going forward—a feature that they say was a critical element of their renewal.

Depth of UK data

For AlbionVC, the UK is just one of many focus markets. While they use a number of other platforms to bolster their business development strategies in other markets, the data that Beauhurst holds on UK companies is unrivalled:

“The data quality and depth we get through Beauhurst is really important to us and helps us hit the bar that we need to hit.”

With an internal objective to find any and all companies that fit in with the investment criteria of their fund, it’s crucial that the data they access covers the entire market. Through Beauhurst data, AlbionVC are able to get a clear picture and mitigate the risk of companies falling through the cracks.

The Results

Since using Beauhurst, AlbionVC have completely changed the way they use data to support their business development and decision-making processes. The introduction of our API tool has resulted in significant time saving across the business, providing them with even more value from the platform than they utilised previously.

Data is becoming more and more vital for firms within the venture capital industry. The comprehensive nature of the information we provide in the UK market has strengthened AlbionVC’s resources and allowed them to become more competitive in a rapidly changing market.

“Beauhurst has played a key part in helping us to augment our CRM and have a single source of truth, discovering companies and fundraisers that would have otherwise gone under our radar.”

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