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We’ve been working behind the scenes on adding a major update to our data on high-growth companies

At Beauhurst, our information has pretty much always been focussed on interesting businesses and their funders. We constantly look at ways to identify ambitious businesses, using a range of “triggers”, such as equity investment, venture debt and so on (more on this in another blog). But we also want to map out the full high-growth landscape. Who helps these businesses grow?

One of the major pieces in this puzzle are business accelerators. For the uninitiated, accelerators help young seed-stage companies grow from kitchen-table ideas and products to revenue-generating businesses and beyond. For a while now we’ve been carefully adding data on accelerator participations from the companies we already track within the Beauhurst platform, allowing users to search over some of the UK’s top programmes. But we’ve now added full coverage of these accelerators, including creating new pages and models to display rich data on all of them.

What kind of data can I find?

For the first time, Beauhurst users can now view every top British accelerator, together with their alumni (every company that has been through their programmes), a range of statistics and more. As with our  company profiles, accelerator pages have a huge variety of data:

  • Corporate sponsors
  • Perks provided
  • Key stats (attendances, average stake, total fundraisings, exits etc)
  • Top company sectors
  • Location and contact details

As with all our data points, these can be plugged into our advanced search functionality for very targeted discovery.

Always be tracking

As well as these new features, because we have added accelerator attendance to our triggers of high-growth, we will pick up on any future British company participating in an accelerator programme. As soon as we detect that a company is part (or has been part) of an accelerator cohort, we begin tracking it – meaning our team of researchers will add it to Beauhurst, together with a full deep-data profile.

How do I access this?

This accelerator functionality is available free to all existing Beauhurst subscribers. Simply log on and enjoy!

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