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TEN uses Beauhurst data to show the impact of immigrant founders

Hannah Skingle

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Our friends at The Entrepreneurs Network recently published a report highlighting the immensely valuable contribution of immigrant entrepreneurs to the UK. 

The report draws on Beauhurst data previous compiled for SyndicateRoom’s Top 100, which identifies the 100 startups, scale-ups and fast-growing companies who have seen the largest increase in value over the last three years.

The impact of immigrant founders on the UK's high-growth economy

The analysis shows that although just 14% of UK residents are foreign born, a massive 49% of the UK’s fastest growing businesses have at least one foreign-born co-founder. These individuals come from 29 different countries, the most common of which is the USA. This data demonstrates the huge contribution immigrants make to the high-growth economy in the UK, and confirms our place as a top destination for global talent. 

The report builds a strong case for keeping Britain open, clearly showing that any policy changes that dissuade international talent from building businesses in the UK will have a massive impact on the country’s economy. As such, it calls on the government to reform and “streamline the visa process and ensure there are clear paths open for entrepreneurial talent and investors in risk capital to come to the UK”.

Read the full report here