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How to create a targeted event with high-growth companies


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At Beauhurst, we know that our platform is used for a huge variety of activities, from finding new clients, investors and partners, to help with advising clients on an upcoming deal, or creating research on high-growth companies.

As part of new business and marketing activity, we’re seeing more and more customers use Beauhurst to help them create targeted event guestlists to help them attract their ideal clients and partners. We know that events are a key part of a marketing and sales plan. But finding the right companies – and the right people – to invite can be incredibly challenging.

Not too broad, not too small

So many organisations are looking to target high-growth companies, but often they haven’t thought about exactly which kinds of companies they’re interested in. One of the things we try and do with all our clients is help them narrow down their criteria to create as targeted a selection of companies as possible.

For example, an organisation based in Manchester is putting on an event in their home city and wants to invite some high-growth companies in their area. A Beauhurst search for companies in Manchester results in around 900 companies and given that any with our deep data profiles will have at least 2-3 contacts at each, this could be a very broad and un-targeted guestlist.

To help our clients get the most out of our data, we encourage them to use a range of criteria to help them build as targeted searches as possible. In this case, we would ask if there are any specific sectors of interest (in this case, life sciences), and what size, stage or value of company would be better suited to this event. This then helps create a targeted search like below, for tech companies in the North West region that have completed a fundraising to fuel their growth within the last two years. This results in 195 companies – a far more targeted list. Indeed, we could narrow this down even further to look at companies by a specific stage in evolution (eg growth-stage), or valuation ( > £10m).

Or for a slightly different set of companies, we could look at scaleups in and around the area:

Collect them all

As well as a one-off search, our clients love to create collections of companies useful to them for ongoing monitoring and follow-up.


See the full detail on a company

Before you dive into exporting your data for your event, why not research one or two companies in detail? Our deep company profiles give an unrivalled view of any of these fast-growing businesses.

Get the data you need

Once you have the companies that matter to you neatly compiled in a collection, you can then use our new all-powerful exports feature to get the datapoints you need to a format for further analysis or work. In this case, we just want the name and email of company founders (which our research team manually check). Because our export function now opens up virtually all data we collect on companies, (over 120 individual datapoints!), the possibilities for this are virtually unlimited.

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