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3 Big Changes to Recruitment in 2021 (& How To Profit From Them)


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COVID-19 has undoubtedly had a transformative effect on the recruitment industry, introducing an unprecedented level of turbulence to the sector. Economic activity this year has reached dizzying heights and nail biting lows but, with more than one million job vacancies reported by ONS in August, things are looking up. This is the highest number of vacancies since records began in 2001, having grown by 35% over the past three months.

This suggests three things:

1.  The economy is making enormous strides in attempting to cover up the gaps left by COVID-19

2.  The economy is facing a potential worker shortage

3.  Recruiters are really busy at the moment 

These changes present a huge opportunity for recruitment businesses across the UK, but some will thrive more than others. Those that grow the most over the next few months will do so by cutting down the time spent generating new leads and researching companies, instead channelling their energy into maximising relationships with prospects and candidates. 

Beauhurst is an incredibly powerful tool that can help recruiters do just that: providing you with a steady supply of high-priority leads, helping you prepare for client-winning meetings (without spending hours on research), and sourcing high-value candidates from across the UK’s high-growth ecosystem. 

Here’s a rundown of how the Beauhurst platform can help you achieve your goals in each of these key areas.

Prioritise the right companies

Right now, there are plenty of businesses needing staff, but there’s little point making a couple placements here and there, when you could be landing deals that lead to multi-hire contracts and long-term relationships that develop year-on-year. 

Finding these businesses is not always straightforward, but narrowing your search to just high-growth companies is a great place to start. Beauhurst provides comprehensive data on every high-growth company in the UK—businesses that have reached one of our eight high-growth tracking triggers. These businesses have showcased real potential for the future, and could lead to incredibly valuable, long-term partnerships. 

With candidates in short supply, you need to make sure they’re being placed in companies set to make the most impact—not just for them but also for your reputation, and for strategically building the right relationships with the best businesses.

Finding companies bursting with opportunities is just the first step, the second hurdle is knowing when to approach them. Beauhurst takes this from a guessing game to a precise art. The Beauhurst platform allows you to quickly collect a list of companies that fall within the scope of your practice. You can search across our data for businesses within a specific industry and location, that are currently creating jobs, or that have recently received funding.

Beauhurst's Advanced Search tool being used to find high-growth companies in London who have recently raised funds for job creation

Beahurst even allows you to zero in on the companies that have raised funding specifically to hire new talent. Once you’ve crafted your search, you can pull this into a collection and get notifications when any new companies meet your criteria. This feature gives you the opportunity to make your move straight away—ahead of your competitors.

Prepare client-winning meetings

Beauhurst company profiles give you an in-depth look at a business and how it’s grown so far. Since it compiles so many data sources into one simple format, it’s really useful for cutting down research time when preparing for pitches, and allows you to surprise prospects with detailed knowledge about their company and competitors.

Bloom & WIld's in-depth company profile on the Beauhurst platform

We provide you with all the information you need to impress a new lead and demonstrate real interest in their business, without having to dig through the web. Our timeline feature tells you everything you need to know, from major equity rounds to the employment of key people, giving you the knowledge you need to stand out from competitors.

Find high-value candidates at other successful businesses

Locating the right candidate for your client isn’t always straightforward, and you could spend hours searching on LinkedIn for just a few good results. Beauhurst makes this process easier, helping you to quickly pull together a selection of contenders with the requisite experience.

When searching for CFO candidates on behalf of a fast-growing SaaS startup, for instance, you might want to narrow your search down to individuals that have accomplished a certain goal: for a company looking to raise equity, a CFO who has previously led a SaaS company through Series A-C would be a fantastic find.

Using our Advanced Search tool, you can quickly create a list of prospective candidates for your company. You can include as many or as few criteria as you like in your search for the best people. 

The Beauhurst platform's Advanced Search tool being used to find CFOs at companies that have raised at least £10m

Ready to supercharge your workflow?

The ongoing employment boom has saturated the UK employment market, with many companies now looking to expand their teams. By using the right tools to make the best decisions, recruiters can take advantage of this increased demand, and build both their reputation and portfolio. To begin your journey with Beauhurst, simply book a demo below for a tailored walkthrough of our platform, and see first-hand how we can transform your workflow.

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