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Product Update: Introducing company blogs

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Keeping track of the high-growth companies’ activity is critical to identifying and engaging with these high-potential organisations. Your newsfeed currently keeps track of businesses’ successes, developments and updates by monitoring hundreds of news pages and feeds. 

Expanding on this, we’ll now be sourcing data from the blogs and news pages of the high-growth companies themselves. Through these, we’ll gather additional news and updates about companies, such as the opening of a new office, a recruitment drive or a new hire, amongst other substantive events. This adds more colour to company profiles and gives you access to new insights.

To kick start this, we are now monitoring around 15,000 company blogs, highlighting important events and developments from these companies and bringing them together in easy-to-digest updates.

Please feel free to get in touch with your personal account manager if you have any questions, or ring the team on 020 3422 8133.

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