Our New Industries Classification

Rob Evans,
 5 April 2024

We’re launching our brand-new industry matrix to help you classify companies with the same precision as our current sectors but with even greater breadth — covering more than 4.6m UK private companies in everything from AgriTech to Quantum physics.

Our new industries classification combines our new 225 industries and 80 buzzwords into a single, unified list of industries — meaning you can find what you’re looking for from just one drop down menu.

Navigating industries

We’re always working on improving how you can use our platform, and our new industries classification is just one of these improvements. To put it simply, Beauhurst industries are better, cover more of the ecosystem, and they’re easier to use.

But we know navigating change isn’t always easy, that’s why we’ve put together this demo video to get you started.

How The Big Four Use BeauhurstAdvise to Find Fast-Growth Companies at the Right Stage

How to add companies to your Collections using the new industries classification

Most importantly, you may want to update your pre-existing Collections in order to benefit from our new industry groupings. In cases where a Collection uses sectors, buzzwords, or SIC Codes to find companies, it’s worth heading into My Beauhurst → My Collections to update the criteria.

You’ll find all of your saved lists displayed here. In order to change the settings for a Collection, select the small cog icon towards the right of the list in question.

This will take you straight to the Settings page. Scroll down until you find the Auto Add section, which will display the original search criteria for the Collection.

To remove the previous Sector criteria, select the cross icon towards the right of the search bar.

Next, select Add company criteria → What the company does → Industries and buzzwords.

This will open the new industry selection menu. Navigate between top-level industries using the panel to the left, and select specific sub-industries using the panel on the right.

Hit Confirm to lock in your Industries, then select the blue Save changes button towards the lower-right of the search menu.

After searching for companies, the platform will show you all the new results which will be added to your Collection. To go ahead with the edits, select Save changes again.

A message will then appear confirming the number of new results added to your Collection. You’re now up to date!


We now cover 4.6m companies across 225 industries and 80 buzzwords to give you access to the whole UK economy.

For more information on getting to know industries, speak to your Client Experience Manager — they’ll be happy to give you a tour of the changes and how to utilise them to have an even better platform experience.

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