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New on the Beauhurst Platform: 10% Scale-Ups


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We’re excited to announce that we have expanded our coverage of the UK’s most ambitious companies. The Beauhurst platform now tracks companies that have shown 10% growth in employee count or turnover per annum averaged over a three year period, in addition to those companies that have shown 20% growth.

Greater flexibility in your searches

You’ll be able to search for companies with more gradual, but still significant, growth. By providing the option of both 10% and 20% triggers, you can use advanced search to find companies with the level of growth most appropriate for your business.

The 10% tracking trigger is especially useful for those who are looking to enhance the growth of scaling companies, or partner and grow with them.

What is a scale-up? 

When we first introduced scale-ups to the Beauhurst platform, we sought to categorise them in accordance with the OECD’s definition: average annualised growth greater than 20% per annum, over a three year period, measured by the number of employees or by turnover.

However, the OECD have since changed their definition of a scale-up to anything greater than 10%. We’ve therefore added 10% scale-ups as a trigger for tracking companies on the Beauhurst platform to ensure our data remains in line with the most recent recommendations.

We understand that changing the definition of a scale-up would affect existing searches and collections, so instead we’ve created two scale-up definitions: 10% and 20%.

A new icon

For companies that meet these criteria, there will be a new trigger icon appearing on their profile. Where they meet the 20% threshold, both icons will therefore appear.

Beauhurst scaleup triggers

We’re already tracking over 4,000 of these impressively fast-growing companies, and we’re just getting started. Over the coming weeks you’ll see more companies appear as 10% scale-ups, as we retrospectively tag businesses that previously did not meet the scale-up trigger. Each one will have the same continuously updated profile that we provide for any of our other tracked companies.

What else is new?

Along with the addition of 10% scaleups, we’ve made some more improvements to the Beauhurst platform.

Search just got more advanced

Compare like-for-like fundraising, whether it’s for benchmarking or sector research, with just a click of a button. When using our powerful ‘Advanced Search’ tool, as well as searching for the most recent fundraising by a fund, you can now search for the earliest. For example, you could compare the progress of Manchester versus London-based funds that first backed fundraising in 2011 – which have been more successful over time?

Beauhurst platform search

It’s even easier to investigate shareholdings

All this data is now exportable as a CSV file, so you can effortlessly collate the data you need and work with it in your own time. When navigating to the ‘Ownership’ tab to view details surrounding past and existing shareholders in a company, you will now see a new ‘Download all shareholder data as CSV’ at the bottom of the page.

We hope you enjoy this latest update! If you have any questions regarding this, please get in touch with your account manager on 020 3422 8150

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