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How you know that Beauhurst data is reliable


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Substandard, incomplete and inaccurate data can be detrimental to your business – bad data leads to bad decisions. Data quality problems can lead to ineffective market research, missing out on new opportunities and a serious dent in your wallet. But if you want to ensure the data you are basing your business decisions on is legitimate, accurate and pure, then look no further. 

Beauhurst is the UK’s most comprehensive database on the UK’s high-growth startups and scaleups. Our data is at the heart of what we do and we pride ourselves on creating and maintaining the most accurate data possible. We use a variety of technical methods to find and verify information, all manually overseen by our in-house Data team. 

Here’s a rundown of what makes Beauhurst the most reliable UK data source of high growth businesses on the market.

What our data covers

Our platform provides live and curated data on 30k ambitious companies in the UK, as well as their funding rounds and supporting investors. From the smallest seed-stage startups to market-leading scaleups and the individuals that help them grow — we track them all.

We’ve curated a range of criteria — or “triggers” — to identify high-growth companies. Each of these is a sign of validation that a business is either actively growing or creating ambitious growth plans. If a business meets one or more of these triggers, our Data team begins collecting information to build a detailed company profile.

These carefully curated profiles show you everything you need to know about a company, from their sector and location to financial information, the number of employees and verified contact details for decision-makers.

Cazoo company profile

Plus, you can get insight into every single equity round a company has secured, even those that aren’t announced to the media. These unannounced fundraisings make up around 70% of all investments in the UK, and we are the only data provider in the world that tracks them.

Cazoo fundraising information

How we source our data

We track all of the transactions, financials, basic details and press features for each of the businesses profiled on our platform. This company information comes from a wide variety of places, from Companies House to social media and business websites. Plus, you can quickly access everything you need without ever needing to leave the platform.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our data so every data point is manually checked and regularly reviewed by our intelligent in-house data team. This rare combination of state of the art technology and human verification ensures quality information.

We update Beauhurst constantly, from finding new transactions, companies, funders and accelerators, to verifying information based on company filings, announcements and other sources. Our platform is continually expanding and we add around 163 additional companies to the platform each week. This means you get a steady stream of reliable and fresh data delivered daily.

Ambitious companies profiled

1 K

Funds researched

1 K



Grants logged


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