How Do Marketing & PR Agencies Use Beauhurst?

How Do Marketing & PR Agencies Use Beauhurst?

Sarah Cheeseman, 15 June 2023

While marketing and PR firms are the powerhouses behind some of the most well-known and revered advertising campaigns in memory, when it comes to promoting their own business, many agencies struggle to replicate the success they achieve for their clients. 

For any marketing and PR agency, it’s vital that your business development approach is attracting the right kind of attention and bringing in the right kind of clients. You need to be able to pinpoint the brands that will benefit from your services the most, and contact those emerging and growing brands at exactly the right time. But even if you know your target audience down to a tee—gathering accurate data to market to can cause a huge amount of headaches. At Beauhurst, this is exactly the kind of problem that we wanted to solve for our clients.

Introducing BeauhurstSales

BeauhurstSales is a unique data platform that gathers millions of pieces of data from private companies in the UK all into one, consolidated location. Users are able to generate workable lists of leads within seconds using simple search criteria, complete with profiles and contact details. These lists could be based on any number of intent signals, such as funding rounds, company growth or recruitment, allowing you to completely tailor your sales approach. Our team of over 60 in-house data experts and analysts ensure that the information we hold is always up to date and accurate, meaning it provides our marketing and PR clients with a goldmine of opportunities for prospecting. The platform has been built to make it as easy as possible for you to find leads in the right industries, with the right backgrounds who are looking for companies like you to speak with. So how does it work?

Why do marketing and PR firms use BeauhurstSales?

In the past, many marketing and PR firms could expand their businesses off the back of referrals and word of mouth, however within an industry that is getting bigger and bigger, there is more competition out there than ever, and it can be especially hard for new or smaller brands to get their name out there. This is where BeauhurstSales can really help. Here are some examples of the ways in which our marketing, advertising and PR clients use the platform.

1. To find the next household name

For many marketing and PR firms, finding the next big name to add to your list of clients is the dream. As our platform gives you access to see rounds of announced and unannounced funding, you have the ability to pick up companies with huge potential before they become big. For example, we picked up Deliveroo when they did their first round of unannounced fundraising for just £5k—imagine where your brand could be now if you had worked with them at such an early stage! 

2. Locate challenger brands

We see no end of articles published highlighting some of the most innovative and exciting names within different industries as they begin to emerge, but these are often regurgitated over and over again, with hoards of agencies all going after the same ones. With BeauhurstSales, our software can locate even more brands within the same sectors that no one else is talking about, giving you the ideal opportunity to promote your services with less competition.

3. Take out the guesswork

One of the most frustrating activities for any team is spending time putting together pitches and proposals for clients, only for them to tell you that they’re not looking for a marketing or PR firm to work with. Beauhurst data enables you to dig much deeper for your prospecting lists, finding companies within your target market that don’t have internal marketing and PR teams of their own and are at the right stage of their journey to benefit from your services (e.g. going through rounds of funding or rapidly growing their sales or employee headcount). 

4. Personalising your messaging

As mentioned above, being able to tailor your messages to your audience is key to getting their attention and convincing them you’re the right team for the job. With data that can be split and segmented in so many different ways, you’ll be able to pull out lists of key groups within really fine-tuned searches, allowing you to create personalised campaigns for each of your audiences—all in just a few seconds.

What can I use BeauhurstSales data for?

Our platform has been designed for marketing and PR firms who have incredible ideas, but lack the time or analytical expertise to get what they really need from data. Some of the key searches that people within the industry use BeauhurstSales for include:

Unannounced funding

Being able to identify companies that are going through rounds of funding under the radar gives you a huge advantage over your competitors, finding brands that are in a period of growth and potentially in the market for external assistance with their communications and marketing. Beauhurst is the only data provider to have comprehensive and structured coverage of unannounced investment deals in the UK—this is information that you just can’t get anywhere else.

Similar companies

We use machine learning and semantic search tools to allow our customers to find companies that sit within similar positions to others in the market. This means that if you’ve had previous success with a particular brand and want to target others in the same space, or even if you want to reuse a pitch between multiple organisations, finding your audience is quick and simple. Find out more about searching for similar companies with BeauhurstSales.


For agencies that work within niche areas, it can be even tougher to find companies to advertise to. Our Explore feature enables you to search based on particular buzzwords, exploring companies that fall within these trends. You can then segment this data with as many other criteria as you wish, such as size of company or location, creating truly personalised contact lists for your target market.

Exclude sectors—remove competitors from a search

Our searches also allow you to exclude particular industries and sectors from your search, meaning that you can take out your competitors (e.g. remove ‘marketing companies’) and be left with a list of only potential clients.

Corporate structures

With BeauhurstSales, you can find brands that sit underneath larger umbrella companies, enabling you to offer brand strategy and other marketing services across a whole group, rather than just focusing on one facet of it.This can give you a competitive edge above others who are going after the same business, showing that you’ve really done your research and understand their business model.


Our networks feature allows you to search for companies that don’t have particular functions within their organisation, for example a marketing or communications team. You can also find businesses that have recently introduced one of these teams, who may be looking for external help with planning and strategy to bring them up to speed and get the most out of their investment.

Working with Beauhurst

We love working with businesses in the marketing and PR industries to help them get the most out of the data that’s available to them, finding new opportunities that they just wouldn’t have access to otherwise. While we pride ourselves on the quantity adn quality of the data we provide, we also take a great amount of care over the way we work with our clients after they come onboard, providing personalised insights and support to make sure you utilise the software to the best ability. To find out more about BeauhurstSales and how it could work for your agency, book a demo or speak to a member of our team today.

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