How do consultants use Beauhurst?

How Do Consultants and Service Providers Use Beauhurst?

Sarah Cheeseman, 22 June 2023

For businesses within the professional service industry, finding clients that fit within your target audience and are ready to buy can be a huge challenge. And while previous business development techniques may still be relevant, many providers out there are looking for new and innovative ways to find the sweet-spot for lead generation. Enter: the BeauhurstSales platform. 

So, what is BeauhurstSales?

The BeauhurstSales platform has been developed for businesses that are looking for a reliable and accurate data resource to identify the best possible opportunities for their brand. Bringing together data on over 5m active companies, the platform allows you to segment and review information based on a number of different categories, including company size, location and industry. This data can then be exported into lists and used as part of marketing strategies and outreach campaigns. 

Why do consultants and service providers use BeauhurstSales?

Business development can be a time consuming and thankless task for many, especially those within more niche industries with a smaller pool of target customers. Instead of spending hours trawling through LinkedIn or waiting for SEO and PPC campaigns to come to fruition, BeauhurstSales allows users to actively find companies within their target audience that are ready to buy. 

Take a look at some of the ways in which our clients currently use the platform:

1. Speed up business development processes

We know just how lengthy and complicated business development processes can feel—especially when you don’t get a sale at the end of it. But with so many opportunities out there, knowing which ones are right for you and are ready to buy can cause a lot of headaches. 

Our platform was built with this in mind, bringing together accurate and up-to-date information into one, searchable platform, meaning your business development teams can get their hands on the right data at the right time. So you can easily create lead lists of potential customers that are ready to buy. 

2. Find quick wins

Today, individuals look for bespoke approaches before they consider working with new businesses. So, the more you can filter through data and refine your search, the more tailored your communications can be, and the more likely people are to respond. 

With BeauhurstSales, you can create segmented lists specific to your target audience and create bespoke campaigns to move them through your sales funnel. As our data is constantly being updated, you can refresh your lists regularly and jump on any new companies that fall into your targeting.

3. Target niche audiences

We know that many businesses in the consulting and service provider industries work within niche areas. Thanks to our vast number of data sets, we specialise in highly-specific searches for our users, meaning no matter how small the pool of leads may be, we’ll find the right ones for you. Our Advanced Search function enables you to search across everything from locations to trading histories, patents to tech stacks.

4. Keep ahead of the competition

You know just how competitive the landscape can be. With so many other providers out there,getting yourself in front of the right people can be tricky. Our clients use us as we provide a new and innovative way to search for customers, giving them the opportunity to scan the whole private UK market and get ahead of the competition. And thanks to our ability to track unannounced fundraisings, you can get to your targets before anyone else. 

What can I use BeauhurstSales data for?

The beauty of the BeauhurstSales platform is that we don’t just hand over the data and leave it at that—we continually add to it, curate it and develop new features. With our team of 60+ data experts, we can make sure that the data we house is working as hard as it can to give you the best possible outcomes. Here are some of the most common searches we see within your area

Similar companies

One of the most popular searches we see business run is for ‘similar companies’. By doing this, our users are able to find companies that are similar to others they have worked with before. With our machine learning and semantic search tools, our software is able to analyse company descriptions within the database to reveal new opportunities for you to contact even if they don’t contain the same words and phrases. Find out more about searching for similar companies with BeauhurstSales.

Businesses using specific tech

With our ‘technology used on website’ filter, you can pull out companies that are using specific software relating to your business, so you know they’re in the right market for your services. Not only is this helpful for sales outreach, it is also helpful for tailoring marketing campaigns even further.

Unannounced fundraising

Our clients love being able to identify companies that are going through rounds of unannounced fundraising. With this key insight, you’re able to target companies that are at particular stages in their growth and approach them before anyone else in your sector, giving you the upper hand with information that no one else has access to. We currently track over 21,000 companies raising equity funding behind closed doors, there’s a whole world of opportunities out there waiting for you.


If you want to refine your searches even further, then our buzzwords can help you do just that. We add specific buzzwords for specific areas (think lawtech, 3D printing or wearables) that let you find companies and trends within emerging, innovative or niche sectors. And with our Explore feature, you track insights, trends and the leading companies within this niche area. This means you can find companies that sit within a certain set of criteria, including the words and phrases they use in their marketing. 

Working with Beauhurst

We love working with businesses in the marketing and PR industries to help them get the most out of the data that’s available to them, finding new opportunities that they just wouldn’t have access to otherwise. While we pride ourselves on the quantity adn quality of the data we provide, we also take a great amount of care over the way we work with our clients after they come onboard, providing personalised insights and support to make sure you utilise the software to the best ability. To find out more about BeauhurstSales and how it could work for your agency, book a demo or speak to a member of our team today.

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